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FS2004 Airbus A380-800 in April 27 2005 First Flight Livery High quality Gmax model of the Airbus A380-800, the worlds largest passenger jet. The model includes all the usual things as a steering nosewheel, taxi and landing lights, dynamics shine and all moving parts, including a fully animated landing gear animation. Some special things include three opening doors, with visible interior. Flexing wings, wing views and trim animation for the horizontal stabilisers. Model, and flight dynamics by Robert Versluys; repainted by Darren Boon.

Filesize: 2.53 MB | Added on: Jul 17, 2005 | Downloads: 4012

Users Reviews
FS2004 Airbus A380-800 April 27 2005 Flight Livery High. Rating: 8.90 of 10 over a total of 10 reviews.

fc_15309026323920394832rating: 10
March 25, 2011
What fun to fly. I think the ground effect is great end up with a near perfect landing every time and had my best of all in it. Flown over 14,000 hours FS2004 ....
ryan242rating: 10
May 8, 2009
This A380 is an excellent addition to my FS2004. It has opening closing feature the door, all bad comments are that pilots view could get a bit more work it. otherwise handling excellent, and i would recommend this any FS pilot
baz9114rating: 10
March 30, 2007
Brilliant, one of the best. A joy to fly and land. Superb textures, thankyou.
belgian_air_forcerating: 9
September 11, 2005
the textures are BIIIIGG.
folkestoneflyerrating: 10
August 31, 2005
The textures are awesome I love this aircraft. Well done
ituzrrating: 9
August 21, 2005
It is a wonderful model because it with great sounds and textures
lcomerrating: 5
August 6, 2005
nice look, but some problems. did a IFR flight from Seattle to LA, would not hold heading, ATC had constantly get me back on path. Flight door inexplicably came open in flight. Nose gear shimmy taxi as well. Shame, alot of potential.
a321-399rating: 10
July 29, 2005
this plane was incredible
Nikurating: 6
July 26, 2005
its sikk all the textures seem to vanishhhhhhh........ ................
PMIrating: 10
July 25, 2005
I tried two A380s before downloading this one but is by far the best