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Airbus A330 Panel Operations. This panel was made for the Posky A330 series aircraft. The aircraft are available at Project Open Sky. The model I have tested on is the A330-300. The panel was made for use with their "WV" models. The panel has 2D views in all directions. Which will allow you to see the wings and engines out the side windows. Thanks and enjoy! Ken Mitch Mitchell justmitch_at_charter . net www. mitchspanelshop. com

Filesize: 6.51 MB | Added on: Jul 03, 2005 | Downloads: 5656

Users Reviews
Airbus A330 Panel Operations. Rating: 7.33 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

Romjonno15rating: 10
December 21, 2009
Sorry I made a bad comment. This Panel has ILS G S. give this 10
jumbojet50rating: 1
September 15, 2009
does not work
highlyskilledpilotrating: 9
September 6, 2006
First of all thanks to OKUENG for correcting the gauge file. This panel is picture perfect. Rename file Z AB320KM .
foalyleprating: 10
September 3, 2006
okuengrating: 9
April 18, 2006
Gentlemen dont be worried. The Problem of the missing gauges coms from a little mistake. Rename file in folder Gauges to Because config all refer AB320... not AB33.. panel is very good and works fine. Thank author. Otto Kung Switzerland
ziccorating: 1
January 27, 2006
I am having the same problem as second guy. Only panel shows no gauges and electronics.
n3szxrating: 10
November 29, 2005
searching for outstanding add ons is like panning gold. With this panel, I feel found a real nugget Definitely worthwhile. It s shame Mitch stopped making panels because he very talented guy.
chrnorating: 7
September 20, 2005
I don t know but all of the other displays show up. followed every step in installation guide only back up altimeter and airspeed indicator showed. copied files gauges folder to main there were no HSI, EFIS electonics.
mrmerating: 9
July 24, 2005
All worth the effort.