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This is a Flying a teapot made by me. This is my first plane. so give me help Thanks Hayden Foster

Filesize: 17.20 MB | Added on: Jun 02, 2005 | Downloads: 480

Users Reviews
a Flying teapot. Rating: 8.07 of 10 over a total of 14 reviews.

frankieboy147369rating: 10
October 1, 2010
good keep goning
starri2rating: 8
April 9, 2008
Hmmm looks better than my flying cup,keep on good work.
pablete24rating: 1
September 14, 2006
is a shit...
Wiley_Coyoterating: 8
May 8, 2006
spiderbait95rating: 9
April 9, 2006
this isnt really a plane but looks good and different
ZHillrating: 10
January 20, 2006
This teapot is very original I love it
team1223rating: 9
December 13, 2005
the GMAX utillity is a pretty awsome tool, powerfull i mean, I give this guy alot of credit for doing this. IT IS A HARD LANGUAGE FOR THE INEXPERENCED. dont recomend as tool if you think can build fancy models from scratch. maby want to take model further, add smoke detail spout. that would be cool But good job ones who made and CARE about work they put into it. Beleive me, it hard thing do quality moved in some way, like landing gear, SMOKE, The lid moving flight... etc. small textures count really make differance
pushpilotrating: 8
December 12, 2005
Dang it i did not know my old discontinued project would be so loved published by some one else thats why never posted mine.
eblundellrating: 7
June 11, 2005
looks like the teapot from gmax primitives maybe its just me
skokerrating: 10
June 11, 2005
This thing is freekin awsome
7e7-2005rating: 7
June 5, 2005
Your doing good. I probly couldn t make a plane like that with my program. It would be great if you could tell me what progam use. Thanks and keep up the good work
batvetterating: 9
June 5, 2005
Easily the best teapot on sunclaro maybe good enough to make my top 5 Flightsim teapots. Not as fast notorious Swifty but it does not suffer from its issues of handling and poor textures. Would have earned a 10 s short stout, that little crack in handle detracts aesthetically. Doesn t approach realism gravy boats for Marine Ship sims....
zezimakrating: 7
June 3, 2005
Hayden345rating: 10
June 2, 2005