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FS2004 Aircraft Cirrus SR20 Classical Panel Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) 2 model with all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc.. and fully instrumented virtual cockpit and opening doors. This model has a classical panel and is equipped with an ARNAV GPS. (c) 2005 by Wolfram Beckert, Guenter Kraemer, Thomas Roehl

Filesize: 6.73 MB | Added on: May 08, 2005 | Downloads: 7316

Users Reviews
FS2004 Aircraft Cirrus SR20 Classical Panel Flight. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 22 reviews.

jman42rating: 9
July 14, 2012
i love Guenter Kraemer s planes his Piper Warrior series is also very good, was the first plane downloaded. when saw name under this, knew it had to be a good one. this not left out of my dreamfleet, and should in yours too.
hetjerating: 10
December 10, 2006
very nice D
dbn007rating: 9
September 14, 2006
Nice plane. It is a joy to fly, however there can be some impovement made with the panel.
jamisbikerrating: 10
July 8, 2006
this is the best aircraft i have ever flown on fs9 keep making them also ask maybe u could make sr22 gts please reply thanks
meierm01rating: 9
June 1, 2006
Very nice. Also, Angelia Jolie owns an SR 22, not 20.
09El_Boissevainrating: 9
April 10, 2006
Excellent plane I love this and feels like a real bird instead of an easy one the challenge No framerate problems here. The only thing have, that s reason give it 9, is because when you shut engines down, later cannot start them anymore at all, as if bere broken. Can fix please
Diceman55rating: 10
April 2, 2006
Another superb freeware add on. Graphics are very well done, almost too because you may experience slow frame rates in cockpit views due to the GPS and many gauges. This is a detailed aircraft inside out. Hard believe it IS freeware. my fav.
tj33rating: 7
September 17, 2005
Not bad... Hard to land.. Nice challange..
fishnpilotrating: 8
September 4, 2005
Nice aircraft with a few small exceptions...
tylonrating: 10
September 4, 2005
741852rating: 9
August 24, 2005
Giving a 9 because of the missing left panel screen like real one. For everyone having troubles landing airplane use an airspeed nothing lower than 80 knots when touching down and put very little flare in. DONT CESSNA FLARE IT, CIRRUS IT It helps
powersven3000rating: 10
August 22, 2005
This has to be the best plane on this site.
anjinsan630rating: 9
July 30, 2005
This plane looks and flies like a dream One of the best planes I have downloaded ever . agree with tricky landing comment. The wants to keep flying No frame rate problems for me. Downloading this add on is highly recommended. anjinsan630
BODNrating: 9
July 27, 2005
Great little plane new Radio panel and GPS for you to work on Nice Realistic throttle response when apply power takeoff,ie, it does not rocket off Try this one your sport flying
Bboyrating: 9
July 24, 2005
beautiful aircraft. but landing is tricky. and spoilers are to effective.
7031rating: 9
July 10, 2005
I have flowen this airplane in real life, and simulated aircraft is almost like the thing
Woody101rating: 6
May 15, 2005
Frame rate problems in 2004 FS9, other wise it is a nice plane. only when landing even with scenery set to default.
WetworthGoldrating: 10
May 15, 2005
Excellent plane, nicely done.
rococobarrazarating: 10
May 11, 2005
Best plane ever, EVERYBODY NEEDS THISONE very realistic with 2 gps. digital radios. everything works I love thisone
th3ch0s3n1rating: 10
May 9, 2005
Amazing, i loved the flight characteristics, and parachute for spoilers, very nice plane, sound, didn t have any frame rate trouble ether
groundsquirrelrating: 9
May 8, 2005
A very nice model with great detail. I did not have any framerate issues it at all. If your system cant handle it, always say, go back to FS2002 and a day
sparkmanrating: 7
May 8, 2005
very nice plane but causes frame rate trouble...fix it please....