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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Thank you for downloading the SIMSHED Hercules. This is my rendition of the Royal Air Force C-130 C3. Available in Grey and Green versions. I have a great time making this aircraft for MS FS2004 and hope you have as much fun flying it. My thanks for assistance with testing, paintwork and other assistance goes to: Chris Coarse Clive Ryan Alan Middleton Garry Dickenson Andrew Wiggins And especially to Mike Hambly for his unmistakeable Hercules sound and Clive Ryan for his suberb 2D Panel which I have adapted for use in the Virtual Cockpit. Thank you Brian Franklin

Filesize: 22.82 MB | Added on: May 08, 2005 | Downloads: 20767

Users Reviews
SIMSHED Hercules. Rating: 8.84 of 10 over a total of 37 reviews.

100001528989074-facebookrating: 7
May 20, 2014
looks good cant wait to try it
Terzi1985rating: 9
May 4, 2011
Excellent one
ettuprating: 9
May 17, 2008
iconic transporter
knightonerating: 10
August 13, 2007
this is with out adout, the most amazing download you will get. sounds are stunning. skin amazing. whole thing just a well worth download. thanks for your hard work in putting together, cheers .
paul2808rating: 10
April 5, 2007
this is going straight to the pool room
vanroycemanrating: 10
December 5, 2006
This is the first download that I ve done, but what a beauty , thank you.
zachandsydrating: 10
September 17, 2006
ash1000rating: 10
September 7, 2006
Excellent to fly, good detailed cockpit. My best add on aircraft yet
dovemd80rating: 9
August 23, 2006
Wow Great VC, 2D panel, sound and model detail. Taxi with 2 3 shut down to conserve fuel great detail . Bad news The AIR file needs be tweaked. Acellerates fast, requires almost 10 deg. nose pitch up in normal cruise. Landing speed full flaps established is high at 140Kts even over the threshold HERC best know for its short field capabilities. I hope Simshed updates AIR. soon. This aircraft very, very nice deserves a realistic file.
LuftTiggerrating: 10
July 8, 2006
Great job Best overall C 130 I ve seen. You even got the flight deck background sound almost perfect with real transport. To guys who say it over speeds quickly so does one. Landings are easier a long fairly flat approach. Don t try to drop into short LZ until you master finals.
majestykrating: 10
May 7, 2006
This one is worth a 10 compared to the rest
FlyingPorkerrating: 7
February 5, 2006
good model but so hard to land
tintinjsyrating: 10
January 15, 2006
have to put my glasses on read the gauges,apart from that superb aircraft WELL DONE
samhrating: 4
January 5, 2006
Great panel,great sound,but it looks like a FS98 plane.
jamsan2005rating: 8
November 24, 2005
Great Plane really good download, but the instruments are too small, apart from that A
jeffusafrating: 9
October 13, 2005
Best C 130 I ve found
leleo2004rating: 10
August 28, 2005
Bluecanoerating: 10
August 7, 2005
Nice real nice
KeironKrating: 10
August 2, 2005
hey, rpitts, you need to fly on a c 130, they over speed quite easily. This is the best herc I ve found net.
jan_jansenrating: 10
July 25, 2005
Good plane nic vc very detailed taildoor, and mutch more
bodnrating: 8
June 20, 2005
BIG BIRD However you will like this one The panel is good but some gages hard to read because of the small size You get used them if fly a couple missions GET THIS DOWNLOAD
AndyWigrating: 9
June 3, 2005
Excellent detail
smcarey01rating: 9
May 27, 2005
Great aircraft. Only needs a daisycutter for some urban renewal projects.
7e7-2005rating: 9
May 25, 2005
Thank you so much this is the best c 130 addon I have downloaded. Geee wish more people would make high quality planes like yours.
boiengman777rating: 10
May 20, 2005
Well, without a doubt the best C 130 add on I ve ever seen since installing FS9. The work involved in this download is EXCEPTIONAL. Especially considering fact it s FREEWARE.... never attention to detail covering EVERY aspect freeware download. exterior could been done better, if you want get REALLY picky. interior made my mouth drop. was very impressed. flown those Hercs many times, and they really did great job. A 10 for sure, THANKS developers at SIMSHED their
paolito64rating: 10
May 16, 2005
jmmichotterating: 9
May 15, 2005
avion exceptionnel
nicovj01rating: 9
May 14, 2005
The best C130 I have seen on the net
gixxer750yrating: 10
May 14, 2005
great sound good aircraft
James005rating: 8
May 13, 2005
Brilliant certainly the best C 130 I ve tried. Only downside is slightly poor flight model.
gland1rating: 9
May 13, 2005
Very good sim
75michirating: 6
May 13, 2005
doors not corect
robertsherryrating: 10
May 12, 2005
You have to download this it is a great plane
rpittsrating: 5
May 11, 2005
Nice panel and the so desirable VC. However, flying characteristics are not good. Need to keep a positive pitch mantain leveled flight. The engines instruments responding correctly. aircraft overspeed very easily.
opportunerating: 10
May 10, 2005
Excellent Herky Bird
moscowpoorating: 9
May 8, 2005
Yes, this is a very good model. I enjoy flying it. TO answer the guage question, find same problem to, but it only for Radar butten and after i get error, The game continues just fine. rated 9 because textures could be little bit better
motechrating: 5
May 8, 2005
I can not get the flight gauges to load so it makes difficult fly. Can anyone help