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FS2002 FS2004 BAC TSR. 2 This aircraft was developed as an attack machine that can approach the target at transsonic and super-high speed, and drop a nuclear bomb as for a super-low sky as not detected to enemys precaution radar. Bimotored engine of big output, a long body and an unbalanced little main wing are features. Moreover, novel equipment such as various new materials and advanced geographical features follow radar was introduced. However, the development of this airframe was discontinued because of a high cost. by Kazunori Ito

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Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 BAC TSR.2 aircraft developed an attack. Rating: 8.50 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

vonzepplinrating: 10
January 17, 2009
But could use vc.
f106driverrating: 8
March 29, 2008
I am new to flight sim, but this aircraft is fast and easy fly land. Quite maneuverable as well. So far one of my favorites.
philliprgrating: 8
May 15, 2005
Very nice job. Like this plane. Flies and handles good.
western_roorating: 8
May 6, 2005
Great job