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FS 2004 and 2002 compatible. A great Cessna 152 with a full, acurate panel, nice textures, rolling wheels, GPS, and more. 152s are hard to find for FS, but this one has it all. Flight dynamics tested by a 152 pilot. Textures, panel borrowed, see readme. FlightDynamics by Bennett Gray.

Filesize: 4.74 MB | Added on: Apr 15, 2005 | Downloads: 8494

Users Reviews
FS 2004 and 2002 compatible. Rating: 5.92 of 10 over a total of 13 reviews.

Yujirating: 6
September 19, 2007
I think better.
mossydierating: 9
October 1, 2006
I absoloutly love this plane. good look, especially the panel, and nice fun to fly.
dbn007rating: 2
September 16, 2006
Poor quality plane for FS9. The problems are to many list. Don t waste your time downloading the plane.
bobomanrating: 7
July 24, 2006
Im not a real pilot so I dont know flight dynamics and performance of this plane. But, cant find any cessna 152 s to addon my simulator. The plane looks great. It flies pretty good too. There is few issues though, like the aircraft way overpowered, all about throttle control. But has no prop, fuel gauge. Also sim says its compatible. supported or something. software developer either. Maybe someone can create some updates for aircraft. A valiant effort an aircraft, really it dispite cons. Thanks
parothead314rating: 5
July 20, 2006
Yeah the guy below mes rite. and i know im not an expert but iv started flight training in a 52 n this plane is pretty overpowered
shoebyterating: 2
November 4, 2005
Sorry guys, not even close. the comments about it being over powered are correct, and also has FS 2004 compatibilty issues. Anyone who would call this one perfect never flown a 152, at least more than few minutes.
futurecaptainrating: 10
September 15, 2005
Very good
Stinsonrating: 3
September 2, 2005
If you want a realistic 152, dont bother to download this one. Dymanics are wrong, WAY over powered, and cant change the radio freq. Too bad, panel looks great. The KX 175B Radio fantastic but it freq, s worthless.
flyer_boyrating: 4
May 11, 2005
Ive seen a lot better, the fact that there is no prop, and lights looking way they do really ruins it. The panel pretty far off seeing how i fly in them constantly. And when you accelerate for takeoff, its like got shot out of cannon.
Nexhibrating: 8
April 22, 2005
April 17, 2005
Nice to have a 152 but it has bugs. 1 not compatable for FS2004, the computer had me disable unsupported features. 2 outside lights were way off..they lit on plane itself off like and acutall inch from plane. 3 missing couple of guages, 4 no prop, 5 control surface movements unacceptable this generation FS, 6 finally flight performance, well its about same matter where you are, takeoff distance same, rate clime, airspeed sea leve mile high denver.
cap_clopezrating: 8
April 16, 2005
It s perfect
sparkmanrating: 8
April 15, 2005
Hey, Guys this is a really sweet little plane, great graphics, and photo real views back sides.....but.....I got could make fs9 unstable do you want to disable unsupported programs yes of course well get no prop....the vert panel funky...don t like it at all your outside looking down toward the front can see thing....the flaps affect plane noise but not move. I m keeping just because what said find 152...hummmm. Please, please fix it, s close perfect.....Sparkman