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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Flight Simulator 2004 Aircraft HE T03 Intercontinental Edition Theres exclusively one word to describe fictional aircraft maker HEs T03IE: huge. Its probably the biggest concept jet ever to have flown the virtual skies. At 500 feet in length, the T03IE is 150 feet longer than the standard T03, its 130 feet tall when sitting on the ground, and has a wingspan of 374 feet. Its so big that standard aircraft control surfaces arent enough to move the plane, and so four of its eight engines also rotate. Model created with FSDS2, the aircraft is fully animated and has a virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston.

Filesize: 889.90 Kb | Added on: Apr 05, 2005 | Downloads: 6084

Users Reviews
FS2004 Aircraft T03 Intercontinental Edition exclusively. Rating: 4.50 of 10 over a total of 16 reviews.

blackvetterating: 1
November 1, 2008
piece of shit It sucked badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
madhatter1432rating: 1
February 26, 2007
What a piece of shit, why would you even waste your time on that.
April 24, 2006
I love this aircraft more than any other download i have ever gotten in my life. Good job Andy
boriskrating: 8
December 27, 2005
pretty easy plane to fly even with all the characteristics on,made for a very enjoyable flight over mountain range
uyuyuyrating: 1
November 22, 2005
really ugly, hard to fly
k1000rating: 4
November 6, 2005
i don t like it. doesn fly to well
pawalter504rating: 8
November 1, 2005
Pretty good, just some bugs that CAN BE worked out.
poptoprating: 10
October 23, 2005
Very Nice work I d say it was a piece of crap, but then i go to hell
Turkeysittarrating: 1
September 2, 2005
donate it to the hurricane
danjumanrating: 2
July 21, 2005
hi i dont see the point off this because you are flying a 747. its just when change view. I like itr sorry.
Hansolarating: 9
July 11, 2005
Very Creative The panels could use work but otherwise, this is the plane for me Good Job
jsnakerating: 8
May 29, 2005
It s awsome
lbibeachbumrating: 1
April 29, 2005
It is complete bad it hard to fly
muschurating: 3
April 9, 2005
it doesn t look that good but its a cool idea though
_Nitro_rating: 1
April 6, 2005
axiom13rating: 4
April 5, 2005
it would be awsome if the virtual cockpit had more work put into it. Also landing gear did not look like wheels from a wagon. There is almost no animation, opening doors for example. cool was just little FS 2004 style.