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FS2002 FS2004 E. S. W. A. T. Transporter Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No. 20. This plane is based on Japenese animation movie APPLE SEED. It is a vtol aircraft to transport the E. S. W. A. T. member. This is equipped with both the turboprop and the jet. And, this is a transporter with both the V-22 Osprey and Harrier characteristics. by Kazunori Ito

Filesize: 1.42 MB | Added on: Apr 03, 2005 | Downloads: 5432

Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 E.S.W.A.T. Rating: 8.40 of 10 over a total of 20 reviews.

fc_01903388499605364528rating: 10
July 5, 2010
great machine
specter1065rating: 8
February 11, 2008
i give it an 8...but a 10 for textures...i used the c 130 sound and new panel...its my favotite aircraft so far....many respects to Kazunori...master of sky...thank you sir..
Unitedfrating: 10
March 8, 2007
It s practical and efficient
ndawg370065rating: 7
February 25, 2007
wheres BOTH of the cockpits...i see no VC and a SH Y cockpit...really cool though
zimusrating: 7
May 13, 2006
It handles well. A lot like an Osprey. I d give it a ten, but the fact that there s no VC takes away from experience little. still worth downloading.
mrmerating: 8
April 16, 2006
luved flying dis plane, really interesting to steer it over an unexpecting stadium..... keep workin on da panel and the finer details ul hav urself a winner. dont stop here
pvjk91rating: 9
March 12, 2006
Love it. This is really a vtol. But it easy to overspeed and very forget the landing gear. And also hard control in section, chopper plane should have vc to. funny fly.
ste_dewsrating: 8
March 8, 2006
dunno if its me but in full flaps ther nose drops steep and thers no way of pullin up especialy at low altitudes
Ros1985rating: 9
January 29, 2006
quidwrathrating: 8
December 1, 2005
8 because of the panel that needs work, and fact there s no VC. I would like to know how hover, also. Otherwise it flies great VTOL landings are awesome This one a keeper
Joichiro_Nishirating: 9
November 5, 2005
Great addon But how do u hover
Bombateerrating: 9
August 9, 2005
Looks great, flys great.
deltaromeomissionmanrating: 9
July 27, 2005
pretty much a perfect aircraft. great fun to fly.
egosupermansamrating: 5
June 27, 2005
ColinTrating: 9
June 24, 2005
This is a VERY sweet add on... only problem that the cockpit in general rather badly done.
RLPrating: 9
June 1, 2005
exelent add on
k1000rating: 9
May 19, 2005
9 only because of bad panel everything else excellent
Gunship_Jimmyrating: 7
May 15, 2005
It is overall a good add on, instrument panel hard to see and no VC.
littlebenoitrating: 8
April 12, 2005
well on my computer it had a lot of lack, but is piece S otherwise pretty cool
3287rating: 10
April 7, 2005
Briliant great VTOL modes and good textures but needs a VC