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Sea Hurricane for Flightsim FS2004 FS9. By Robert Sanderson. Sea Hurricanes for FS2004. Three models made with FSDS2. These aircraft represent two period aircraft from the WW2 era, and one modern restoration. They feature highly detailed virtual cockpits with full military equipment, a working oxygen system with hypoxia effect, working automatic boost control, working two-speed supercharger for the Rolls-Royce Merlin XX engine, engine failure modeling, Mk. II reflector gun sight with animated sun screen, drop tanks with authentic fuel management and fully modeled parasite drag effects, animated tailhook with realistic functioning, and fully functional and clickable Virtual Cockpit cockpit controls via tailored XML gauges. The exterior visual models have dynamic shine, reflective textures,
Show more... animated canopy, reflective glass, animated radiator flap with drag and pitch effects, animated gear retraction and extension, animated flight control surfaces, fully animated oleo-pneumatic suspension, castoring tail wheel, animated boarding step, handholds and pilots oxygen mask, and contrail effects. They have authentic flight dynamics that vary between aircraft and include realistic stalls and spins. This bundle also includes as scenery a landable aircraft carrier with funnel smoke, wake effects, animated gun turrets and pilot controlled lights via the Nav 1 frequency. Show less...

Filesize: 23.13 MB | Added on: Mar 21, 2005 | Downloads: 7667

Users Reviews
Sea Hurricane FS2004 FS9. Rating: 9.81 of 10 over a total of 42 reviews.

metros-64rating: 10
January 25, 2012
Now in 2012, it s still a Must , specialy for my old and lazy P.C me too, i just rediscover Special mention the clear ref.htm so 10 rating instead of 9, long life to Fs 2004
daquancjonesrating: 10
February 8, 2008
yeahh this is a great addon for the price 0
maxxedrating: 10
September 23, 2007
Downloaded and installed into fs2002pro....WOW what an aircraft....One of the best if not THE downloads ever. The man hours that must gone this aircraft is mind blowing. We need more like this. Congrats to makers
captbusarating: 10
August 19, 2006
Fantastic Brill awsome, Ge it now
flynhighrating: 10
April 10, 2006
Have never downloaded and installed such an excellent WW 2 vintage plane Attention to detail is incredible. Finding the carrier great fun. A little added extra. Engine sound like a straight pipe Harley Can anyone get center line lights of go on with Nav 1 radio set 112.00 I m working arrestor cables that need be from another source. Microsoft should taking lessons this guy for sure
indalomanrating: 10
February 24, 2006
Great, the first time I have had no problems in downloading or installing, took me a while to find carrier. Great stuff, flies really well.
bdc148rating: 9
September 16, 2005
I am relatively new to FS Add Ons, Have recently upgraded FS9. Having tried a number of Downloads and rejected them, found this . IT IS FANTASTIC, cannot believe how real it is. VERY WELL DONE. But Where is the Aircraft Carrier
KeironKrating: 10
September 12, 2005
absolutely fantastic My Grandfather used to fly Hurricanes during WW2, I showed it him and he said could almost feel like was back there flying orbits over souhtern England. personally take my hat off a truly talanted developer. To think about the hours spent creating this addon then give away for free... If only all addons where
bennybenbenrating: 10
September 12, 2005
top notch
kicker1rating: 10
August 2, 2005
very real. great job. i highly recommend this plane.
k1000rating: 10
July 26, 2005
RLPrating: 9
July 13, 2005
not as good the spitfire, but an absolutley exellent aircraft
airwebrating: 10
July 7, 2005
The Cream of the Cream, Only best plane around sim world. This bird is really a simulation not no, this real.
spazboy12131rating: 10
July 5, 2005
I like the plane alot but when i went to fly it none of guages were there and was really nothing in panel......what did do wrong can anyone help me here
askragrating: 10
July 2, 2005
Never cared for WWII Vintage AC before...but, this is GREAT....Is there a P51 Coming
ColinTrating: 10
June 26, 2005
Absolutely flawless. WOW. now if only I can find that aircraft carrier...
shelly69rating: 10
June 24, 2005
This plane is awesome very well done detailed. AWESOME FOR FREEWARE. Good job
kyle0405rating: 10
June 19, 2005
This is the best warbird i have every flown, you will be missing out if dont download it. easy landing, top class flyer all round A
JohnnyBoshrating: 10
May 27, 2005
Very nice indeed. Lokks, sounds and flies great
FSAddict2006rating: 10
May 22, 2005
This aircraft is absolutely incredible. The virtual cockpit the best I have ever seen in any military addon. love flight dynamics this plane she s a challenge to fly some situations, and not easy land on fields. An incredible aircraft, as my test hop from TN98 KCSV would prove.
pvtfoleyrating: 10
May 16, 2005
probably the best addon for Flight sim ive put it in 2002 and works fine this is sort of plane youd expect to seemade by microsoft then have pay extra just VERY GOOD PLANE
th3ch0s3n1rating: 10
May 2, 2005
All I can say, is WOW , this add on plane awesome, everything from the cockpit, VC, sound and texture, GREAT JOB
revianrating: 8
April 29, 2005
opaque canopy on vertual cockpit veiw
igy1rating: 10
April 7, 2005
Im testing out ww2 planes at the moment and this is best so far
siulasrating: 8
April 3, 2005
iantoorating: 10
April 1, 2005
veeery good
mariegustrating: 10
April 1, 2005
My vocation is computers 30 years . avocation aviation Licensed pilot for twenty This SEa Hurricane version far superior to any free ware that I have had the pleasure fly. Anyone passing this one up losing opportunity add a GEM their hangar.
quilljarrating: 10
March 27, 2005
Fantastic Unbelievable for freeware Quilljar
raywellrating: 9
March 26, 2005
This is a very realistic model that should be in every sim pilots hanger. It whets the appetite for things to come
beebrating: 9
March 25, 2005
I rate it as a 9. It was very Nice aircraft but thought little hard to work in the VC.
tonyflyerrating: 10
March 24, 2005
very nice job on this Hurricane pack thabnks for the work
exile34rating: 10
March 24, 2005
awesome ww2 aircraft with working WEP absolutely the best ive EVER seen freeware or not DROOL
theradioflyerrating: 10
March 23, 2005
Awesome detail. A must for any flyer.
squelchyrating: 10
March 23, 2005
If you like WW2 aircraft are gonna love this A superb addition to any flight sim.
fabian210662rating: 10
March 23, 2005
Very nice work.
sm6aalrating: 10
March 23, 2005
Very fine Hurricane
robroyrating: 10
March 22, 2005
This has got to be a 10, not only are you getting superb aircraft also get carrier......The is faultless.handles well, attention detail superb,,,,if tthere any awards out there this should them.......Great job Thanks
EricEsascorating: 10
March 22, 2005
Without a doubt this is one of the best freeware addons for FS9 to be offered here or anywhere. The amount detail in every aspect truly awesome. From tool tips on panels fully functional VC I have marvel at man hours took create. Thanks from all us avid simmers.
Pedro-Mouloudrating: 10
March 22, 2005
Very good handling caracteristics. Excellent model.cfg and beautiful textures. A must. Top hat to the designer
bayleafrating: 10
March 22, 2005
Wow, is this really for free I ve just found my new personal plane, and she s a beauty. Thanks to all concerned.
Flighttomach1rating: 10
March 21, 2005
Very Nice
zipkicker5rating: 10
March 21, 2005
Nice job