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VFD- 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza 35   [Reviews]
VFD- 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza 35 image 1

VFD- 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza 35. This model was created using FDS2.24 and touchstone MS instruments gauges and sounds. My destination for this project isto produce as authentic a modle of an too soon version v-tail as possible, in slope and out.The stream Virtual Cockpit ill-used MS gaugea from the Vega and the DC3.I suffer through with many hours of testing and tweaking to the model and now motive imput from other simers. I consume taken it as far as I am able to granted the resources I have. I would take account any suggestions you may give birth or assist you may lack to lend. beech_at_methodologyinc.comI desire you enjoy. Features: ( So Far ) 1. 95% full animated parts. 2. elaborate and animated Virtual Cockpit (The store MS instruments gauges are synergistic only). 3. meditative Texture ( Looks a great deal improve brooding than not). 4. Landing and Nav lights as provided on original 35. 5. Extending VHF Antena ( Keyboard Comand / ) 6. ensure List from the 1948 Bonanza Handbook 7. exact Flight Dynamics By Tom Goodrick. (Thanks again Tom) I will continue to work on this add-on to achive as acurate an example as possible.

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Filesize: 11.62 MB | Added on: 03-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 4578 | Total Votes:: 12 | Overall Rating: 7.42

Category: FS2004 Propeller Aircraft | ZipDigZipDig | Contents New feature

Users Reviews

VFD- 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza 35 7.42 of 10 over a total of 12 reviews 12 user opinions

Total of 12 comments

User: piloto6825Rating: 10November 19, 2007
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
Verry God airplane love it

User: purpleponcaRating: 8March 13, 2007
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 85
first of all thanx for all the effort put in this, i dont like the vc, but i do like the older worn look of this plane, flies well lands excellently and i love the way the prop spins realistically, once I change the panel it will surely be a keeper! thumbs up and happy flying every1

User: GRatRating: 8March 20, 2006
User's Average Rating: 8.6# of Ratings: 5
Excellent work on the download and I would like to look forward to a later model. I would also point out that the sensitivity in flying charachteristics is also rather inaccurate because the bonanza has always been a sensitive aircraft to weight and balance overloads. Nice Work-the doors don't open!

User: gizerdwizerd4uqRating: 5December 25, 2005
User's Average Rating: 5.0# of Ratings: 1
from spot view this plane looks great except for a grey square coming from the cockpit /no pilot i couldnt get the panel to work so i downloaded a more modern version but otherwise the best looking v-tail around

User: air500Rating: 10November 9, 2005
User's Average Rating: 4.0# of Ratings: 3

User: 7e7-2005Rating: 7April 18, 2005
User's Average Rating: 7.3# of Ratings: 10
I like htis aircraft alot.

User: EricEsascoRating: 4March 13, 2005
User's Average Rating: 5.6# of Ratings: 32
There is no panel and the guages are scaled wrong.

User: ben8nRating: 10March 9, 2005
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 2

User: groundsquirrelRating: 10March 6, 2005
User's Average Rating: 7.0# of Ratings: 20
Everything is correct, this has always been one of my favorite aircraft and I have been missing it since Fs2k2 due the lack of a good Fs9 model. No more, this one nails it. I had no problem with download or install. The bird flies like dream, is well balanced and trims easily. The VC is really nice for a freeware model as well. Kudos for a fine aircraft and model. John Elliott Young Director of Operations Flight Simulator Design University

User: philliprgRating: 3March 6, 2005
User's Average Rating: 6.0# of Ratings: 118
Needs some work. The main panel view is just a black screen with a few gauges , and there is no pilot. For the size of this download it should be much better. Fix it and it will be a nice plane.

User: woody101Rating: 4March 5, 2005
User's Average Rating: 6.6# of Ratings: 8
Unable to see out of the plane from the VC, flys nice but needs some refinements.

User: sparkmanRating: 10March 4, 2005
User's Average Rating: 7.0# of Ratings: 130
This is a sweet, sweet, sweet plane. the only thing I would add would be a realistic pilot.....but it's not really it will not be sorry! ....Sparkman

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