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FS2004 SCDS Yakovlev-40 v 1. 4 Version 1. 4 of SCDS Yakovlev-40. Full package. Includes 3 different fully animated models with three different interiors (Yak-40 classic, Yak-40K convertible pax cargo and Yak-40 Salon VIP carrier). Authentic flight dynamics and sounds of real aircraft. Fully functional 2D and 3D cockpits with three modes of lighting (the daylight mode, night with white fllodlight and red with directional spotlights). Illustrated english operating reference book included. Features also dynamic english tooltips with units conversions. All v 1. 3 covering liveries are compatible with v 1. 4. By Suprunov Computer Design Studio (SCDS)

Filesize: 39.68 MB | Added on: Jan 28, 2005 | Downloads: 3739

Users Reviews
FS2004 SCDS Yakovlev-40 v 1.4 Version. Rating: 2.89 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

liliputionrating: 5
April 28, 2005
Downloaded it. Flew Vary very nice, but it is payware, and I am not paying money for stuff you can get free from those who bust their butt to offer free. give a 5 because payware was declared. If free, would 10
casajohannarating: 2
February 3, 2005
Payware should be declared at the beginning of download.
Simplicityrating: 1
February 3, 2005
I aborted the download due to others mentioning it is payware and that gauges etc don t work... gave a rating of 1 not because plane sucks, but think extremely misleading false advertising NOT mention fact in description...
philliprgrating: 1
January 31, 2005
If this is a payware then why it not mentioned A little misleading isn t
trabalhatumalandrorating: 8
January 30, 2005
purkirating: 1
January 29, 2005
should i download this .. or it dont work
jmarqrating: 1
January 28, 2005
I figured something was fishy from reading the description.
Schaxirating: 1
January 28, 2005
I think it is lurce and dishonorable not to mention that your programme payware. If you want get a license selled have add in description. Just compare the A380 programme. They mentioned everybody knows but what are doing false perfidious.
groundsquirrelrating: 6
January 28, 2005
THIS IS PAYWARE, GAUGES ARE DISABLED AND PERMANENT BANNER DISPLAYED. She is a beautiful bird and most likely worth the money.