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Flightsim FS2004 FS9 FS2004 Airbus A380-800 Qantas livery High quality Gmax model of the Airbus A380-800, the worlds largest passenger jet. The model includes all the usual things as a steering nosewheel, taxi and landing lights, dynamics shine and all moving parts, including a fully animated landing gear animation. Some special things include three opening doors, with visible interior. Flexing wings, wing views and trim animation for the horizontal stabilisers. Model, dynamics and textures by Robert Versluys. Textures repaint with night textures by Dave Evans caplock_at_bigpond. com

Filesize: 1.53 MB | Added on: Jan 22, 2005 | Downloads: 3744

Users Reviews
FS2004 FS9 Airbus A380-800 Qantas livery High quality Gmax. Rating: 8.91 of 10 over a total of 11 reviews.

minkius115rating: 6
August 30, 2006
flies ok nuthin special it needs a new cockpit pannel and maybe sum sounds.
canberra1rating: 10
July 19, 2006
I love qantas......... but A380...........But surclaro more.......... The most thing is FLS2004
Denv12rating: 10
November 10, 2005
This is the best aircraft I ve downloaded from this site.Its simple to operate.This one uses same panel as FS2004 747.Takes off in shorter distances than other aircraft.This had 727 200ADV and they all went through heavy turbulance but doesnt...just like FS4 aircraft. You gotta have A380.
danielcoronnorating: 10
September 27, 2005
Tasmanetrating: 9
May 10, 2005
Great Work Cant wait to fly in the A80 King of Sky
a321-399rating: 10
February 6, 2005
this aircraft is the best. It much better and best of all, it free THis a recemended download
axiom13rating: 9
January 25, 2005
The person that said the add ons should be free is right, all other airbus A380 suck. This one might not so detailed as ones, but at least it free.
chrysatusauratusrating: 9
January 25, 2005
Hats off to the designer and Airbus team Way go Its goodbye cramped economy seats, even though with 49 more floor space only 35 seating than previous largest aircraft, is ensuring wider seats aisles for passenger comfort. Thus sending out a strong message This plane not about technical prowess,although that it technically superior evident,it really people s plane. Thankyou Passengers in class are humans cattle Also, AIBUS downloads will continue be free...this one people,not money All best http events a380 reveal event index.asp Chrys
bigdadgibrating: 8
January 25, 2005
Looks very good. And it is free. I am looking forward to seeing Airbus here in the USA
pellaeonrating: 10
January 23, 2005
Have not flown it yet, But will. Thanks for this guy who creates a plane free. Unlike someone else is asking money. Asking money an addon, slap in the face to all other people making them These payware addons should be allowed upload on Suclaro.
sparkmanrating: 7
January 22, 2005
Pretty fair.....nothing special...but it is free........