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FS2004 FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel An addon sub-panel designed to add passengers cabin and crew voice announcements, ambient environment effects, and passengers cabin muzak to your flight simming experience. by Marcus Thompson, socalmarcus_at_yahoo . com All Rights Reserved

Filesize: 20.66 MB | Added on: Jan 14, 2005 | Downloads: 9146

Users Reviews
FS2004 FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel An addon panel. Rating: 7.62 of 10 over a total of 42 reviews.

517292690-facebookrating: 10
May 26, 2013
Seems great
AirBorating: 5
May 26, 2013
Very good, but it doesn t work with the default 737 panel
bhlua2000-googlerating: 1
March 31, 2013
How do you even download this file This website navigation seems horrid to me. Everything brings me the wrong place. Please improve user interface
sean3939rating: 6
August 25, 2012
i got the panel but it wont click
ryan911rating: 9
January 3, 2011
Awesome...loved it m
fc_05681570364187937478rating: 9
December 31, 2010
LOVE IT SO MUCH thaank you very much. a little hard to install but other than that love it i have been searcjing for cabin annoucments moths now thanks
Fremonter2rating: 10
October 26, 2008
Awsome I Love It
capielrating: 2
October 18, 2008
i rated 2 coz until now cant use it...already followed all the instructure...n 1 more thing, can it possibly working on FSX if yes, how no, why dont u try to make sure 1st person earth who will download it..
geordyladrating: 9
August 19, 2008
a bit complicated to install but worth it
gilbertodelarating: 9
January 22, 2008
Excellent. Keep on working
joshtravbradyrating: 5
April 19, 2007
Can this add on be used Flight Simulator X
dazzler56rating: 1
February 19, 2007
i cant seem 2 get it work and dont know what do if any1 can help add me on Scutt 123 thank looks really good want to all of my planes so any would be great
Jackson129rating: 10
February 1, 2007
Amazing, truly brilliant. Some of the sounds are louder than others, and I have to turn my engine volume down here this, but it is completely worth it. It adds so much experience, nice work. The instructions install hard understand frustrated crap out me, was Also, pilots voice real, kinda cheesy with way he expresses his words. Still an amazing download, lots realism. Thanks for this download.
gabejorating: 5
December 26, 2006
This is an excellent addition, however the instructions are very difficult to understand. You can download, copy audio files your burner, burn a cd and use player in computer or MP3 etc. Then you don t have fidgit with installation every AC. Just know which order copied play from there. A good program just same
highlyskilledpilotrating: 9
November 29, 2006
i give it a 9, because s hard to understand the installation process but Once you download and get working............. trust me , will want install in all of your airplane. MUST HAVE
knightonerating: 1
November 8, 2006
huu how the hell do you instal it ENGLISH PLEASE. flihgtsim199 for help thanks,
armedgillrating: 10
August 27, 2006
This add on is ace for people that want a real life boeing exp.
mutilator67rating: 1
July 21, 2006
hey i dont seem to understand how install this..someone help me out jamesyblake
paul199rating: 8
June 28, 2006
I installed the addon as written. can see panel..but buttons don t activate sounds..can anyone help me out think this makes flying more fun and realistic.
RSWrating: 10
June 16, 2006
Hey Sounds like A good Add On but I can t download it someone tell me how Thanks brfair
hummerroxrating: 10
April 24, 2006
This is a fantastic add on, I ve put it in some of my most used aircraft s. The istallation may be abit hard for some, but once your system, you ll wonder how did without . 10 10.
LVMagikrating: 10
April 14, 2006
Great addon Now i don t feel so all alone when fly, lol. This is where placed the little icon in my PMDG 737NG, it sits pretty nicely this spot upper portion of 2d cockpit . just add on your panel.cfg under Window01 Make sure you place text as last guage and number after case mine 26. Gauge26 FlightDeckSFX Icon FlightDeckSFX, 881,10,12,12
muammerrating: 10
January 30, 2006
it sound like a great add on but i did all the thing said in readme still not working can somebody help me e mail adress mmr1704
Doougalassrating: 10
August 14, 2005
Excelent I have this on all my airliners. Adds a unique level of realisam to the game. like how you can change sounds. A must one only Utilties Have
cAs9rrating: 9
July 30, 2005
Really nice work Keep going guys
mrmerating: 10
July 28, 2005
i luved it. must admit, installation waz pretty hectic, but got through still did not get the icon on right place, even da panel, dont want to try move it, or thing might just dissapear,den be sad. all yall who cant install, go back and READ properly. f could do it u can 2.
StormChaser68rating: 5
July 3, 2005
Nice little tool to have for airliners but not as good I thought it woud be.
dan_b13rating: 1
June 17, 2005
couldnt understand a single thing on the readme. poor way of presenting it as well. you did say simple and i believed when saw all comments but looked at readme, thought was jibberish. in fact try TRY do everything says neva work. help me out plz
nicovj01rating: 9
May 14, 2005
JJJCCrating: 1
May 12, 2005
I have windows Xp and don t any gauges or sound panel documents in my Fs 9 so noting to put aircraft guages into can somebody please give me a hand because this looks like such good peice of software email at jacobcox732 Thanks
nigjayrating: 10
May 10, 2005
Excellent work, the walk through installation was well designed even for dummies like me.
viche12345rating: 10
May 9, 2005
Of Course This little gauge totally changes the game to a more realistic game. All sounds are mp3, so I can change muzak my favorite music. Very cool
joetossell29rating: 10
May 8, 2005
A great addon and an eay to add on
berg319k9rating: 8
April 26, 2005
Nice download, everything was made easy. However I could not complete installation because couldn t get the icon to work for me nor see panel use either in VC. Overall great but it me. would be glad try again with a little more instruction.
russ122rating: 9
April 9, 2005
These are great types of downloads adding to the experience. Installation is made easy with good, simple instruction. Would have got 10 if logic was used instead having press buttons throughout flight.
jorgenrating: 9
March 9, 2005
DeltaXArating: 10
February 26, 2005
Excellent add on and great job
cmaesingrating: 10
February 25, 2005
What a gauge Especially liked the music which you are likely to hear during boarding time. In addition with gate airport atmosphere and all cabin crew cockpit anouncements, this is really one of greatest gauges available ... Great work. Will definitely enhance your flight experience.
kita70rating: 9
January 23, 2005
Good basic idea. A little clumbsy installation, however, the install doc walks you thru it pretty good. must have for extra fun. Job. Works Well
vichiutzrating: 10
January 21, 2005
Excellent add on Great feeling man,great
thehunrating: 10
January 20, 2005
Excellent add on, it makes the game more realistic. Thanks for effort, great idea and job.
tylerm5000rating: 10
January 15, 2005
This is a fun tool to bring reality even closer. Makes flying more realistic. It isalso nice have ambiance on for those boring waiting periods before take off.