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The MS scenery for the Suez channel region in Egypt has much improved in FS2004, but nevertheless there are several flaws which I have tried to correct in this scenery: the harbours on both ends of the channel (Port Said and Port Tawfiq Suez), which were exclusively roughly indicated, are represented with more detail, some shorelines at Port Said have been corrected (the available satellite picturegraphs show that MS has used outdated maps) the bridges blocking the passage through the eastern channel at Port Said and in the southern part of the main channel have been removed as well as a ship which MS put at 90 to the waterway! there are (to my knowledge) exclusively two bridges across the channel (at Qantara and Feridan), both were missing and have been added (the turning bridge at Ferida
Show more... n in the open state) since there was almost no traffic in the channel, a number of ships of various types have been added. I tried to make the ships comparable to real world ships you might see in the Suez channel without going into too much detail. by winfriedorthmann_at_ yahoo. com Show less...

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MS scenery Suez channel region Egypt improved FS2004 flaws. Rating: 7.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

mbairrating: 7
July 23, 2007
very good, but can you make a scenery for the new terminal in sharm el sheikh airport... thanks
09El_Boissevainrating: 6
February 13, 2006
Very good, but is a very faulty add on. It crashes FS almost every time I fly in Egypt. Because of this, cannot make ONE flight to Port Said or Alexandria without having say there an error. This error unfixable, when deleting this Too bad looks great, faulty. Hope will be fix
gustirating: 10
January 27, 2006
Real good job thanks for that I appreciate it very much.