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Aeritalia Lockheed TF-104G is the twin-seat trainer version of the F104G series. Italian Air Force received 12 from Lockheed and 16 from Aeritalia Alenia. Other 7 planes were brought from Luftwaffe in 1984-85. In the last ten years they have been heavily modified to match the ASA-M standards. All of them belong to the 20th Gruppo (Squadron), 4th Stormo (Wing) of Grosseto that is the last Starfighter OCU in the world. , Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) Design Massimo Taccoli airfile by Robert Young.

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Aeritalia Lockheed TF-104G twin-seat trainer version F104G. Rating: 5.50 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

philliprgrating: 1
January 16, 2005
Don t bother putting this plane in 2002, it does nt work. It would be nice if some one put what simulator the darn is to go in.
malucorating: 10
January 14, 2005