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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 The 737 Experience by Moach The New Generation 737-700, in Gol colors. The model features: Detailed realistic external model, all moving parts, rolling wheels, realistic fowler flaps movement, realistic landing gear movement, opening passenger door, reflective textures and night lighting, working taxi and landing lights with splash effects, flap vortex effect on approach, 3D gear bays, working suspension, moving pilot head, movable pilot seat armrest and a thoroughly detailed Active Dynamic Virtual Cockpit (DVC). Flight dynamics by Martin Becker, Livery Colors by Anthony Totton, 2d Panel by Marco Spada, Model and Textures by Felipe and Guilherme Moach Falanghe.

Filesize: 7.88 MB | Added on: Dec 30, 2004 | Downloads: 10236

Users Reviews
FS2004 737 Experience Moach New Generation 737-700 Gol. Rating: 9.03 of 10 over a total of 35 reviews.

100000697187070-facebookrating: 8
July 24, 2010
top job
bhupirating: 9
November 18, 2008
excellent ............well done
Ale57rating: 10
December 25, 2007
MAN THIS IS COOL , way better than downloading da panel and everything apart, this brings it all included good JOB
via042rating: 10
July 17, 2007
The best
trepanadorrating: 10
March 4, 2007
DC7guyrating: 10
October 16, 2005
Great work Awesome detail, and is better than the FS2004 model The download not for faint of heart , it does require that folders,and files be accurately placed everything to work. addittion FS. Thanks a sweet 737
zakorating: 10
August 9, 2005
Want to download that aircraft but cant do it .
terminator666rating: 10
July 27, 2005
This plane i amazing, looks better than the microsoft one
RaF4rating: 10
May 23, 2005
So great get it NOW
saltairexrating: 6
May 6, 2005
Not a bad attempt, if you work at it and fix the small problems, some have been highlighted in comments page i ll download again. With these fixed would be worthy addition to any sim pilot s fleet
skyarcherrating: 9
April 25, 2005
very excellent. colourful cabin at night is cool.
tgrating: 8
April 16, 2005
Great cocpit, shame the GPS button does not work
sundayrating: 1
April 15, 2005
N3SZXrating: 9
March 30, 2005
This is a download worth keeping. It s easy to fill up your harddrive with files if you re not careful but this the space for sure.
viche12345rating: 3
March 8, 2005
The pictures aren t real Panel looks ugly and it s not very 3d. default is better than this one.
alwagnerrating: 10
March 2, 2005
Best of all. bravo and keep the good work
ctairrating: 10
February 27, 2005
What can I say, just perfect period.
rit22rating: 8
February 26, 2005
good aircraft flyes and the autoland makes it easy to land but why is in prop catagory
coky100rating: 10
February 19, 2005
Excelente avion. Felicitacione, muy buen trabajo
skyalightrating: 10
February 16, 2005
iammatt00rating: 9
February 14, 2005
Very nice plane, however, it holds nothing when compared to the PMDG 737 s. None less, is a TERRIFIC freeware download, and joy fly.
FSAddict2006rating: 10
February 7, 2005
This is easily one of the best planes I ve downloaded. The detail in VC absolutely wonderful. However, on my machine gauges seem a bit blurry. could just be though. 2D panel great as well. have small complaint, and that blurriness gauges. model looks much, much better than stock 737 Microsoft gave us, reflection light off paint makes plane glisten more. Excellent work.
joshqrating: 9
February 5, 2005
WOW, beautifuly crafted, exellent lighting what more needs to be said. This truly is the no.1 add on from this site... My only problem that cockpit does not quite apear same as shown in previous page... PLEASE DO DOWNLOAD, your flight isnt complete without it...
kikicounterrating: 10
January 19, 2005
jakobwalkerrating: 9
January 16, 2005
Really great The new panel is nice
sparkmanrating: 9
January 16, 2005
very good, what else is there to say
Darksiede69rating: 10
January 11, 2005
Excellent VC, with good flight dynamics.. very detailed panel and gauges excellent clarity in the 2d VC panels.. sole complaint is lack of mouse over help on some funcitoning buttons knobs.
Zakorating: 10
January 10, 2005
What I can say is only ..... GOOD JOB AND WELL DONE
tclavon01rating: 10
January 7, 2005
I have been downloading planes for a few years now, and this is definately the best plane that put on my system in long while. Great job to all of contributors, thanks making Sim experience more realistic.
soffientinirating: 9
January 5, 2005
tonymagazzirating: 10
January 3, 2005
Flies just beautifully.Graphics are excellent.I want to buy one.Can anyone lend me 1.3 Million.
malxrating: 10
January 2, 2005
zainrating: 10
January 1, 2005
ace2rating: 10
December 31, 2004
absolutely superb in all departments Fly s like a dream, graphics second to none.
jeffjeffrating: 10
December 30, 2004
One of the best addons ever. For those who fly VC this Jet seems to become The Favorite. I would pay attantion on wings look large a bit.