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NY Lakes and Coastlines for FS2004 v1. 01 December 2004 Version History: 1. 01 12 27 04 Corrected a spike south of Blue Moutain Lake 1. 00 12 27 04 Scenery released Miscellaneous Comments: First, I want to send out a big thank you to Jim Keir, the author of Slartibartfast. This utility is an incredible asset to the MS Flight Sim community. Jims website is: http: www. jimkeir. co. uk FlightSim Secondly, if you have any comments or suggestions about this enhancement, feel free to contact me at: pjricc_at_twcny. rr. com. This enhancement has been tested by several users and me. It should install quickly and painlessly, with no ill effect on the sim. If you have followed the install instructions above, it will uninstall just as easily so I cannot be responsible for any real or perceived proble
Show more... ms with the sim, your operating system And finally, this enhancement is FREEWARE and cannot be included in any payware products. The file can be uploaded to any freeware website, but please drop me a quick email letting me know where it is going for my own curiosity. All company and product names included in these instructions are copyrights of their respectable owners. Regards, Peter Flying the skies of NY State Show less...

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