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IFDG McDonnell Douglas MD-11 This aircraft is made by iFDG (international Flightsim Design Group), For more information visit our homepage at http: www. ifdg. net Model & FDE : Albaro Villegas Master textures : Ben Jones Testing: The MD-11 Beta Team Livery : Vincent v d Hof Documentation : Albaro Villegas and Basten Heidema

Filesize: 4.50 MB | Added on: Dec 27, 2004 | Downloads: 941

Users Reviews
iFDG McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft Intl Flightsim. Rating: 7.33 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

danwrating: 9
February 16, 2006
good with all moving wheels,doors,flaps and lights.
jamsan2005rating: 3
December 3, 2005
What is so brilliant about this, it hasnt even got s own cockpit, they use a Boeing 777 cockpit. This thing sucks.
P38rating: 10
December 27, 2004
Very good Well done All the normal things lige moving gear flaps ailerons It s Fantastic And there a lot more than just animations.