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FS2002 Questair NuVenture The Questair NuVenture is a kitbuilt serious cross-country single-engine speed machine. Able to cruise at 287 kts (true airspeed) up above unpleasant weather, the NuVenture is ideal for leisure and business trips. With more speed and higher flight capability, this is a step up in complexity from the Cessnas even the Mooneys!. The NuVenture is built around a diminutive airframe reducing the wetted area. This enabled the aircraft to shatter 8 world-records on a derated Continental 550 engine, after its introduction. Its tubby appearance gave it the nickname the Egg. But there is an aerodynamic explanation for this design line. The NuVenture outperforms anything in its engine class. This model has full moving flying surfaces, opening geardoors and canopy (Shift-E). I
Show more... have not however been able to implement the complex maingear animation (any help is greatly appreciated!) (c) Visual model, flight model and texture by Morten Ulrik Hansen morten_at_indsigt. it, Copenhagen, 2003. Note: be very careful, when you apply power and the big McCauley prop starts to bite. with the little stance of the NuVenture it is easy to get off course. Just gently apply thottle and compensate on rudder it will stay on the runway. Show less...

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