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FS2004 Boeing 707-420 with Panel BOAC and British Airways Includes all three cockpit positions, realistic engine start and checklists. By George Carty, with GMAX model modified from 707-320B by Rok Dolenec.

Filesize: 11.81 MB | Added on: Nov 22, 2004 | Downloads: 6410

Users Reviews
FS2004 Boeing 707-420 with Panel BOAC and British Airways. Rating: 9.58 of 10 over a total of 26 reviews.

ohmytacosrating: 10
December 12, 2010
Sensational job on this plane gorgeous detail, incredible panel, great engine smoke effects, and sound. JOB WELL DONE Thanks so much.
Doougalassrating: 10
November 10, 2005
There is only one thing wrong with this aircraft, no VC. However, the panel views make up for it. I truly love of best ve seen. This a must have aircraft. Love wipers, too, very unique been waitng plane those. Great job
team1223rating: 10
November 4, 2005
I love its sweet ground sounds when you land on it s belly Its own for engines and a VERY FRAME FRENDY COCKPIT with plenty of controls gismos to play Good smoke effects but they tend stay in the air, like skidmarks runway, make dissaper, will be 10 my scale GOOD JOB EVERYONE
hltibbsrating: 9
November 4, 2005
Of all of the add ons I have downloaded, this one by far has most realistic sounds and details ever seen. If someone will a virtual cockpit make functions work, be 20 out 10.
howzer5rating: 10
October 23, 2005
this is a keeper. best sound in my fleet. cool smoke. it true that you can get 747 or 777 up faster than 707 s experience with download, but still must have. i ve always wanted to feel what be like john travolta. vegas tonight babe, st. lucia
coma13rating: 10
September 21, 2005
One of the best downloads to date. The attention detail is fantastic and I love option fly in either pilot s or co position. Well done
Hasenfuss7rating: 9
September 16, 2005
Very Nice.
ravager755rating: 9
September 7, 2005
This is a really good skin... Download it...
danjumanrating: 10
July 29, 2005
The best add on in the whole world and its free. I carnt belive how realistic it is great work.
andyauderating: 10
July 16, 2005
Excelent aircraft. YES IT DOES HAVE A GPS old fashion style . Its called the IRS. IF you have some maps can determine your position, thats a way real pilots do anyway. Aside from gps whiners this is best freeware package ive ever downloaded. superb accuracy.
skinnersrating: 7
June 1, 2005
Hello Great plane but i also cant get anything to work in the cockpit. I am downloading a seperate panel. It fixes it bit.
Aaron_Bingorating: 9
May 10, 2005
Great aircraft but i cant seem to get anything working in the cockpit can anyone help click not even landing gear up or down anythign else need download please
nubbie44rating: 10
April 30, 2005
Screw the VC i dont even need it because panel is so detailed and 5 differnt panels are great. The best jet ive ever flown of FS.
viche12345rating: 10
March 15, 2005
GREAT AIRCRAFT Sounds are so realistic and panel is very detailed, a little hard to read though. The plane difficult land, as it only has one flap retraction which needs 10,000 feet rwy or longer Aside from that, the superb.
DesertRat1864rating: 9
March 13, 2005
Great aircraft. You must have put some time into this addon. There is just one thing that I would done differently and to give it a GPS. otherwise world gotten 10 from me. Other than an all around great jet
robsleyrating: 9
February 27, 2005
Excellent sim. Well made lots of fun and realistic.
BlueCyaniderating: 10
February 16, 2005
Superb plane, only thing missing is a good VC. Everything else great though so this 10.
Docmachrating: 10
February 8, 2005
I think that this is the first 10 ve given out...and it deserves What a plane. It will really keep you busy. see military version of 707...KC 35 flying around me every day...tankers...and sounds like, looks like. and flys great. If don t have alot big jet time in, should fly very attentively. The best add on ever seen. Does anyone know where can get other textures Possibly Military
glenhortonrating: 10
February 8, 2005
This is one great aircraft I flew it from Bangkok Thailand to Udonthani IFR and made a VERY NICE landing. thing really keeps you busy, would be more than handful for novice. have been flying Flight Simulator ever since the first came out Commador 64. Only recomendations be, when using auto pilot HDG setting on directional gyro very slow, set in climb or descent rate didn t hold well at all. Otherwise, GREAT JOB
FSAddict2006rating: 9
February 4, 2005
This is a wonderful download true to the period that airplane flew. The sounds are wonderful, as panels. My only complaint there no virtual cockpit I do most of my flying from VC in planes with them . As an aside new flight simmers, would advise learning ins and outs before picking this one up. And for those dial up, it s worth waiting every hour download.
guitar52338rating: 10
January 30, 2005
Amazing plane. Love the screaming when your tire blows. Great smoke.
KICKER1rating: 10
January 29, 2005
WOW Very detailed. Great smoke effects and a great cockpit. Good Job.
sparkmanrating: 10
December 26, 2004
Well it s been a long time since I gave anything 10. guess this is it.....better get the flight log and book little fiesty but very cool. If you like detail it, 5 different panels Looks good may be slow has all effects, maybe to much smoke oh well figure ll take me month land beast Sparkman
davifessrating: 10
December 8, 2004
jbellrating: 10
December 1, 2004
great job
spades2002rating: 9
November 25, 2004
Excellent aircraft with true crisp sound and engines smoke. too bad it does not have a GPS.... Recommended for experienced flying.