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This is the FS2004 F-136B Orbital Defense Interceptor concept jet fighter, capable of Hyper Mach speeds and space flight capabilities, circa 2014. This concept is based on hybrid engines that convert to rocket propulsion via a closing iris system that creates a rocket engine bell. This model features functioning spoilerons, vectored thrust elevator structures, opening hatch, opening ordinance bombays, retracting slow flight wings, tailored panel, Virtual Cockpit illuminated instrumentation, appearing wheel chalks and ladder, extending Hyper Mach propulsion fuel nozzles, Viewpoint Smart Mirroring Invisibility camouflage system, Mach 4. 57 speeds, a second optional airfile that is less powerful, and comprehensive operating reference book for flight instruction of this elaborate concept bird. Features Kirk Olsons sound pack. Modeled in Gmax. By William Ortis, Lionheart Creations.

Filesize: 10.54 MB | Added on: Nov 11, 2004 | Downloads: 13170

Users Reviews
FS2004 F-136B Orbital Defense Interceptor concept jet. Rating: 8.93 of 10 over a total of 42 reviews.

mrawesome445rating: 10
August 8, 2010
its awesome
rob07rating: 9
July 24, 2010
This is a very nice plane but i can not find the in scenery because see planes have downloaded ones did. someone help
Rob07rating: 10
March 16, 2010
cooooool its so fast a 10 for sure
nube43rating: 10
January 11, 2008
it is awesome
linkin20park04rating: 8
September 16, 2007
very fast. its easy to fly as long you set the trim somewhere around negative 6.5. also it doesnt like sit still on runway but other than that good job
blubeldibubberrating: 10
April 16, 2007
gateway04107rating: 9
September 15, 2006
FLCLrating: 10
September 1, 2006
i friggen love this plane, and to fix the problem of climbing when going fast, set elevator trim a lot.
georgejxurating: 10
August 3, 2006
VERY,VERY fast. A very cool airplane
daniel_lewisrating: 10
July 3, 2006
its cool
cortrating: 10
June 27, 2006
VERY fast. Fun to fly. I use it a lot race people online.
marchesedesade89rating: 9
May 7, 2006
Fantastic add on even if I prefer an upload with A P to mantain altitude and hdg it is fantastic accellerate open tos especial wings....very difficult for landings goes fast trust set at idle but
jesseiscoolrating: 10
April 14, 2006
Great aircraft Those of you wanting to know how increase the overspeed mark, download FSEDIT SDK from microsoft website. You can edit it there. Also people who are having trouble with going up all time use trim. People that cannot get stay still on runway, read readme file in download... Job
kobe1rating: 8
April 7, 2006
ajthompsonrating: 10
February 8, 2006
fun to fly
aggierating: 10
January 23, 2006
This thing wow. It s everything I ve ever dreamed of in a personal craft. Briliant speed and handling, just little tricky at first, but like other critics have remarked, once you get it, she yours. Can anyone tell that this aircraft Trust me, it great
monostereorating: 10
January 13, 2006
Sora26rating: 9
December 29, 2005
What can I say, how about... AMAZING The maneuverability is incredible, and the speeds are outrageous. Didn t get a ten because cloaking doesn work, just turns craft white
WoOk1982rating: 10
December 9, 2005
I say WOW The Start was very difficult but when You get it, it s like biking. Styling is nice, i a lot Hope that we can download more from those genius Planes in the Future. Thank all for customize this Plane PS down and landing too jet
GoldEagle22rating: 10
November 29, 2005
Incredible design and fun to use. It can be slowed down a near hover, accelerate up incredible speeds. A must download.
colonel83rating: 10
September 14, 2005
absolutely cool...
purplefishrating: 10
September 7, 2005
just so cool, bit of time to get the trim ok then WOW its a beast only downfall is all other fs planes now slow n boring. good work keep it up.
tylonrating: 10
August 24, 2005
Flanderstheunstoppablerating: 9
August 15, 2005
It s a nicely done addon with great visual detail on the outside and useable cockpit, it took me while to figure out trim elevators down keep level but after that is incredibly fun fly around world in few hours at 100,000 feet
deltaromeomissionmanrating: 9
July 27, 2005
Don t listen to the people below who are having problems...they don realise that super fast aircraft have be trimmed stay in level fight...just like real world. This works, absolutely awesome, and looks great. The only issue is it accelerates on ground with brakes on..this fixed by applying a small amount of reverse thrust not too much or will fly backwards . Love camouflage activation
rit22rating: 6
July 1, 2005
Looks cool, but for some reason the throttle is set to max even when controls are idle, this makes it impossible control and s always going up.
jacknicrating: 7
June 4, 2005
Visual model is great, but as stated above, there s still much work to be done here maybe an update later on Also, with so many other packages, a lot of detail in the model, lacking cockpit. Still fun experiment with, and looks due flight dynamics cockpit, gone from my hanger.
bkushinsrating: 9
May 23, 2005
Awesome Aircraft I was bummed out however when flew across the US in about one hour and found that my landing gear would not come down m still trying to figure all of plane s technical detail, for instance pulled throttle back way....the release. Wish pilot knew before he dies on tarmac Otherwise..nice job. Worth download. Make sure you cruise autopilot, throw flaps at very last second over runway .
dverdierrating: 10
February 22, 2005
Great intricate design work.
1121rating: 9
February 12, 2005
tuxedosevenrating: 9
February 8, 2005
this plane is fun takeoff with flaps winglets deployed, the jets change to rocket power only when are fully retracted. go full at high altitude. all problems i read control issues so keep working it. c m
rduben88rating: 8
February 4, 2005
meciarrating: 7
January 1, 2005
This aircraft is very difficult to control on land and take off. Still a good download overall
gta464rating: 10
December 27, 2004
caylorrating: 8
November 20, 2004
Good aircraft but with all supersonics there harder to control, for me it likes pull up, good texture also.
P38rating: 7
November 18, 2004
Like everyone else said, It was a very good effort. I think it would be much better if patch made to fix the trim and go through .aircraft file. IT is intresting, but like does need work. If anyone knows how change overspeed in file please make post on this comments board
mokopilarating: 7
November 17, 2004
Very good effort. but you have to deal with the general problems that comewhen an aircraft flyes very fast. Reverse thrust throws thing backwards its imposible keep still engins running. eaven when their on idle and parking brake. in flight craft pulls up drastikly nearly get rid of by triming. But effort I love visuall modle.
curtisrewrating: 8
November 17, 2004
noddy100rating: 8
November 16, 2004
beebrating: 8
November 13, 2004
very fast hard to get under control
andrewgodlemanrating: 7
November 12, 2004
First let me qualify my comments by saying i am flying this in fs2002 not 04. This is a novel concept and love the invisibility or cloaking reflective sheen idea very well done bit touchy to fly overspeed warning comes on barely after takeoff will go away even if slowed stall. Like say it may be due being 2002. Either way great effort worth download.
hemi1330rating: 7
November 11, 2004
Its ok, but it has to much lift. Loses power for no reason. Good idea though