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DC-9-30 Aerocaribe liverie (Mexicana partner), exelent 3d model, full animated: spoilers, flaps, ailerons, tail, trust reverse, rollong wheels, clear and clean textures, tailored cockpit very authentic to the real one, tailored anoying and loud sounds like the real one with extrem change of sound level, lateral cockpit views, transparent cockpit window with 3d pilots inside, authentic flight dinamics (lands very slow speed). autoinstall, (dont fight trying to instal modules and gauges). credits: panel: Richard probst, chris alvritis, mathias liberecht, fabriccio bretta, paul geldin. sounds: Alexander pogonsky, erick cantu, dimitry ermakov, victor stolpyansky model and textures by: I. garcia compilation: luis F. autoinstall compilation : luis F. questions ??? write to : luis felipe pech pacheco kirkland_77_at_hotma il. com

Filesize: 10.28 MB | Added on: Oct 19, 2004 | Downloads: 6100

Users Reviews
DC-9-30 Aerocaribe liverie Mexicana partner exelent 3d. Rating: 9.12 of 10 over a total of 17 reviews.

100001434034697-facebookrating: 10
March 29, 2011
Great download The D93 Aerocaribe model and panel are very realistic.
redsaluterating: 10
October 28, 2009
very well created, the switches look so real you have to mess around for a bit see which ones can use, one drawback was I did not find out how start it back up, other than that is awsome.
lcomerrating: 8
May 19, 2009
plane is easy enough to fly if you have simmed for very long. The sound a little wonky when in exterior view, and I yet find way set the IAS, although there position it on AP. All all nice free download. also noticed horrible braking sound, but can live with that.
viadrating: 10
August 18, 2007
silverdeerrating: 9
December 3, 2006
A fun aircraft to fly and a good addition my growing fleet. The only problem I have noticed is an engine fire on every flight. double checked the failures they are all clear. After your flying one unless you shut down both in flight restart. Not too practical real life minor hinderance sim. All very job.
dgm444rating: 7
January 27, 2006
This is now one of my favourites. If it had a v c would be 10
brd400rating: 9
November 24, 2005
good dc9 but no epr gauge
ftmnetrating: 9
September 18, 2005
muy bueno,no estaria de mas una lista chequeo y definicion pulsadores instrumentos
yuillyrating: 10
July 16, 2005
This add on is EXELENT. The best i have ever downloaded and love the photorealistic cockpit. I would recommend this download to anybody. A big round of applause designers.
waddyrating: 9
June 23, 2005
Fantastic Aircraft, It handles great, simple to install and its FREE... so instead of reading this.. DOWNLOAD Only reason I gave a 9 was because the insturments are quite hard read but doesnt effect flight. 10
ctairrating: 9
February 27, 2005
Fabulous Aircraft. Only reason I didn t give it a 10 because have DVC, but don fly with so its me.
DC7guyrating: 9
February 24, 2005
Sweet flies Great 3D views are awesome, Download is quick and simple, Cons. The brakes make a unrealistic noise when stopping this acft. other than that Its keeper Keep up the good work design team
dugirating: 9
November 1, 2004
really good, I would like to have a virtual cockpit, flies great
Unitedfrating: 10
October 31, 2004
winfield4rating: 10
October 25, 2004
revmazdarating: 9
October 24, 2004
Really great add on love the cockpit looks very realistic gives you fealing that are really there flys too GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP Ryan Vieira
dikkedeurrating: 8
October 23, 2004