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B737-800 in KLM-web livery, features: exelent 3d model by FFX, full animated, spoilers, flaps, ailerons, rolling wheels and blades, opening door, tail, night lights, thrust reverse, transparent cockpitwindow with 3d pilots inside, incredible picturereall textures, tailored panel, The panel was rearranged from existing panels. The background bitmap is based on a real panel picture. All the main instruments gauges (throttle quadrant, radio stack, overhead panel) are displayed on the main panel. Landing, taxi, logo, panel, strobe, bcn and nav light switches, pitot heat, yaw damper, wing ice, oil temp and exhaust gas temp gauges, no smoking and seatbelt switches, auto start and engine start buttons can all be viewed on the overhead panel that is above the main panel, it has some tailored voice
Show more... s and sounds such warnings, (uses defult engines sound), a working TCAS is included as a pop-up window, with traffic warning and other stuffs (TCAS tutorial is included), also contains window-wing views, with dinamic wings, install all this manualy would be a XXX, coping and pasting files, gauges, modules, sounds, edithing. cfg files etc. etc. but dont worry lfpp compilations has done it for you, just click install and thats it enjoy this bird Credits: model: FFX : daniel, takehiro, ben, mike, jon, jim campisi, james richard, steve repaint :FFX : rick sharma original panel and modifications : targan unutmaz, fabrizio bretta, felipe pech, paul golding window-wing views: felipe pech compilation: felipe pech autoinstall compilation: felipe pech Show less...

Filesize: 8.54 MB | Added on: Oct 15, 2004 | Downloads: 10362

Users Reviews
B737-800 KLM-web livery features exelent 3d model FFX full. Rating: 9.17 of 10 over a total of 30 reviews.

moolder-googlerating: 10
July 25, 2012
Picture perfect. Handles perfectly. Gauges are High detail, high quality. The best 737 800 on this site. standard by which all other planes should be judged.
fc_15309026323920394832rating: 10
March 9, 2011
Incredible. Best 737 out there.
Cronicrating: 9
March 27, 2009
two thumbs up
flyer93rating: 10
February 4, 2008
gooooooooooooodddddd dd
kricco144rating: 10
September 29, 2007
WOW This plane is awesome...definately a must have It has everything from window views to seatbelt signs that actually audible sound Wow....incredible
azrael_plrating: 9
August 3, 2007
really nice
Eastern1823rating: 7
December 19, 2006
I don t know if this has happened for anyone else, but it seams like the only way to climb or flare do anything is increase throttle. It s there are no elevators. Looks pretty good, and sounds fine, whole elevator thing puts a damper on plane.
suty791rating: 10
April 29, 2006
very nice thanx
mjahmadrating: 10
February 1, 2006
f awesome
Meadow93rating: 10
January 8, 2006
markflyawayrating: 10
October 5, 2005
It s perfect, it realy graet, you must be download this airplane, beatyful. thanks for making, mark holland
muammerrating: 10
September 18, 2005
jonaspilotrating: 4
August 25, 2005
Well done, but it sounds and get other airplanes to sound like a cessna
Doougalassrating: 10
August 9, 2005
Very Nice The Lack of VC is made up for by the interior views. Throttles are very small, I cant seem to get reverse work. Better than FS 737. A Must have
wingedmon57rating: 9
July 15, 2005
litovcasrating: 10
June 28, 2005
WOW, never seen more real looking aircraft on a Flight Simulator.....
rubonrating: 9
April 16, 2005
Nice work, mate This plane is great. I love landing in a busy airport just before touchdown watching the flaps spoliers come out . Thanks again Tom
Reinierrating: 10
March 21, 2005
Most beautiful plane to have
charly48rating: 8
March 14, 2005
very nice, a must have.............
philliprgrating: 10
January 22, 2005
Excellent No more to say
dutchmandylanrating: 9
December 17, 2004
joep1979rating: 9
November 16, 2004
Well done mate This aircraft flies fantastically..I have not made great distances with her, but I think this is one of the best add ons found so far. Great detail, and very nice cockpit. Yes, there are some minor things which could be improved..but nothing annoying...Great work Thank you much
clint264714rating: 9
November 3, 2004
I m really enjoying this aircraft. hoping to see more add ons that come with excellent panels and call outs. Keep up the good work
benson2024rating: 9
October 31, 2004
wow, really stunning detail. The outside textures were nice, and i love the 2d cockpit. I dont understand how to get window view thoguh. Can anyone help me Besides that would also see a virtual cockpit, otherwise this is an awesome plane.
jbellrating: 9
October 26, 2004
Found this to be refreshingly diffrent than the usual. I would love have seen a virtual cockpit but it is great as is. THANKS
rococobarrazarating: 9
October 25, 2004
exellent job, i ove the way is dessigned and also love to land plane, then put replay set view from passanger window, it makes you feel like are one more passanger. good job
Hebelrating: 6
October 23, 2004
Nice work, very good basic, but not perfect. First of all the yaw damper doesn t seems to which result in a Flight cont. warning. The following small changes will really improve this great Add on. Master Caution can be reset. red A P disconnect light should illuminate on gnd. even with off. AVNC sw. real aircraft With BAT off pos, radios and instruments work Gnd. Pwr. Connected. Airspeed Bugs airspeed tape is missing V1, Vr, V2, V2 15 UP bug . Wing lets. big make it almost perfect Functioning EFIS control panel, Overhead Virtual cockpit, more realistic MCP panel N1 button working FMC. Thanks for I m looking forward an update
FLYMACrating: 10
October 22, 2004
Excellent cockpit with a lot of nice touches like the altitude called out TCAS is also touch and plane done very well . I loved view cabin window views two wings awsome download it was joy pleasure to fly. Well Done Designer.
spartarating: 10
October 20, 2004
awsome cocpit verry nice plane.
papidarrating: 10
October 19, 2004