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B-757-300 continental airlines liverie, features:very detailed reflect model and textures, full animated: flaps, spilers, rolling wheels and turning front wheel, rolling blades, ailerons, tail, thrust reverse, transparent cockpitwindow with pilots inside, night lights, authentic flight dinamics, virtual cockpit, tailored engine and enviroment sounds, tailored cockpit with full functions: Y D, APU, fire extintors, tailored cockpit voices, functional electrical and hidraulic sistems, warning lights and voices, full overhead panel with all sistems working, not just dummies, air conditioner controls, pressure controls and many more working sistems, and the most relevant feature: the working TACAS with near traffic warning and near ground advisor, simply the best of the web in a single pack, en
Show more... joy discovering how to fly this amazing bird. (all tailored instruments gauges are included and autoinstall utility you wont have to spend time copying and pasteing instruments gauges and modules and other things that can make you confuse, just click install and thats it) pack size: 13. 4MB total files: 408 credits: PANEL: JIMMY RICHARDS LONNY PAYNE KOSA DAFOE SOUNDS : ARON R. MODEL AND TEXTURES: UNKNOW, BUT FREE ON THE WEB, PERMISION OF USING THIS MODEL IN PACKS OR REPAINT IS GIVEN ON A. TXT FILE, BUT AUTHORS ARE NOT MENCIONATED. COMPILATION: LUIS FELIPE PECH PACHECO AUTOINSTALL COMPILATION : LUIS FELIPE PECH PACHECO Show less...

Filesize: 14.86 MB | Added on: Oct 12, 2004 | Downloads: 13345

Users Reviews
B-757-300 continental airlines liverie features detailed. Rating: 8.72 of 10 over a total of 39 reviews.

georgessbbrating: 7
June 7, 2007
Great plane, though bit of panel missing
izverybadrating: 1
December 15, 2006
The .exe file is corrupt...
sleeper33rating: 9
August 24, 2006
it s graet
bmkrating: 10
May 13, 2006
Thee best download EVER
ac320rating: 10
March 19, 2006
Can someone please tell me how to download the REAL in this case 757 200 panel...everytime I don t know panel and have use one from a different aircraft can you also sound
ziccorating: 10
January 27, 2006
Wow this is excellent. One of the best downloads in sight. Easy to install. Only nav1 stuck at 110.30 and wont increase nor decrease but nav 2 still works. Excellent job.
parothead314rating: 8
December 20, 2005
i have 2002 because cant stand the screen lag on 2004 and saw this plane had to download it, hoping praying that it would work for 2k2. well, did, almost flawlessly. doesnt a big enough fuel capacity flights over pond wanted do but thats easy modify, panel didnt show up so replaced with 772 panel, WOW.
taxi2runwayrating: 5
November 23, 2005
OKk sorry about the bad coment here but file wont download this my computers fault or your falt contacted me would you get 5 because i have not been able to fly
Hindsonrating: 10
October 20, 2005
It s good
Gearyrating: 10
October 14, 2005
Just a very big thank you for wonderful effort.
abanorating: 10
August 22, 2005
Just Excellent
westy841rating: 1
August 17, 2005
i cant get the bloody thing to work it ses corrupt naughty
Doougalassrating: 10
August 9, 2005
A Very good model. At first, all the windows are open, so you have to get rid of them if want even taxi. haven t had any problems with radios, far. Use ATC window. must Good work.
andyauderating: 10
July 4, 2005
OK b4 you people scream and say your nav 1 isnt working. go to the aircraft.cfg, then radios section change second number in a 0 so there is no standby freq. Yea vc missing some things, just get new one off net. Ya yea tcas transponder over laps com one. if using atc. it will tue radio s for its not big deal.
waddyrating: 10
June 24, 2005
The best boeing freeware out there Fantastic VC and it handles perfectly... DOWNLOAD NOW
SYLVESTERrating: 9
March 18, 2005
Alphadograting: 10
March 6, 2005
By far one the best jet download ive made for a while never mind hole in VC...almost every single button cockpit works from seatbelts and smoking signs to lights. Awesome job. Sounds looks realistic definitely keeper 1 on my list so far. Thanks Looking forward more of your work with this quality.
Pilotdude51590rating: 9
February 24, 2005
very nice but the hole in vc is kinda annoying and sometimes it makes weird beeping sounds when you press a control.
DeltaXArating: 10
January 17, 2005
tim_devillerating: 10
November 7, 2004
Best download on the web and easy to install
dutchworksrating: 7
October 31, 2004
I need nav1 to land in instrument conditions. Otherwise the model is good
hurleycorkrating: 10
October 31, 2004
Great. A must have for all. apart form the extra window at bottom
rondbattrating: 8
October 30, 2004
Gabejorating: 9
October 29, 2004
Probably one of the top freeware add on s out there. I d give it a 10, but missing gauge panel is major detractor Although makes landing visual easier By far best Boeing for free download. hope this team continues to provide additional ons.
loopbackrating: 10
October 29, 2004
alwagnerrating: 8
October 26, 2004
Need the missing gauges or is it a window for pilot feet
rococobarrazarating: 10
October 25, 2004
this is the perfect plane, everybody that has fs2004 needs add on. sounds are exellent, plane exellent.
CaptainMitchrating: 10
October 19, 2004
Never had an add on with so many real life working features. If you fly a virtual airlines, ll want this added to your fleet.....and it s easy install too.
josh_hurleyrating: 10
October 19, 2004
G524RRrating: 9
October 17, 2004
Thank you there is a god in the sim world
hwudoinrating: 9
October 17, 2004
ChrisR3532rating: 7
October 17, 2004
Great, except Nav 1 cannot be changed from 110.30.
ramper1rating: 9
October 15, 2004
Very nice job The only thing is that Continental uses Rolls Royce engines on their 200 and 300 757 s.
CainanUKrating: 10
October 14, 2004
Simply awesome. And if you look on the overhead, can chime flight attendants
specialistrating: 9
October 14, 2004
I must say i agree with all the former comments made by other members and that this is my first time rating someones work...This add on from installation to landing a 9.5... GREAT JOB... would love see glitches resolved for perfect 10
dtruckrating: 9
October 13, 2004
Great Job. Not a designer but hard core pilot. Very pleased. Would love interactive VC, and also the radio stack has some issues. There isn t nav1. Com1 seems to be interrupted by second transponder. And oh yeah pilots pee hole in dash. Those are negatives. I am very impressed with flight dynamics. The sounds best have heard on anything even FS2004 think. almost buzzed attendant for coffee. realized that is only button missing. flew it once so far. ll flying more then other boeings Love voices hear when landing.
EricEsascorating: 9
October 13, 2004
Wow What a great job. The textures on the outside are crisp and clear. flight dynamics among best in simulator. hole front of column does need guage set that is why it got 9. or for leg room
purkirating: 10
October 12, 2004
MAN ...this is a good an aircraft designer too using G max but this had to take more than month...VERY NICE..VERY NICE
repoman88rating: 8
October 12, 2004
WOW..I do have to say alot of work went into this. There is in the cockpit this aircraft. Some hard understand but seems fly nice. Would rate it higher there be a big hole vc right front, missing something. Otherwise verry