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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 PILATUS PC-21 TURBOTRAINER PACK Pilatuss 21st century follow-up to their world famous PC-7, PC-9 series of turboprop trainers. Small highly loaded wing, spoilers, lots of power, and jet-like controls help the PC-21 better simulate jet performance at a turboprop price. This plane pack includes models and textures for two versions of Prototype 01, and one of Prototype 02, and has full anis and Virtual Cockpit. Please see readme for setting up the textures.

Filesize: 2.46 MB | Added on: Oct 04, 2004 | Downloads: 4514

Users Reviews
FS2004 PILATUS PC-21 TURBOTRAINER PACK Pilatuss 21st. Rating: 8.08 of 10 over a total of 13 reviews.

mrawesome445rating: 10
January 5, 2011
Agent_Cooperrating: 8
March 21, 2007
Very good Model indeed. I m flying FS2004 and this is my favorite plane for most journeys . Everything works fine except some flaws in the cockpit. 1. Functional autopilot switches on panel would be very handy e.g toggles like Mirage III 2. HUD isn t readable green too dark, doesn adapt night flight 3. Left monitor rarely used, why not integrate GPS screen just there ll give it a 8 then.
tanoorating: 10
January 6, 2007
Fantastic simulation
takatakatarating: 9
June 8, 2006
I love the PC 21. Flying characteristics are as they should be its quick and perky in movements. After all 21 is intended for Jet figher training. Not instrumentation works but main instruments functioning. It gets you where want to go fast. Good STOL plane, try a landing on an aircraft carrier without cable arrester, hours of fun
verremerating: 8
June 7, 2006
Very nice, not easy to fly but once you get used it is very good. HUD just astonishing, VC could be improved.
daisukerating: 9
March 24, 2005
Pros Very nicely modeled, extremely fast single engine airplane, the bubble canopy lets you see everything so it makes a nice sight seeing aircraft, super responsive be careful . Cons The 2D cockpit isn t very intuitive, there is gear down limiter whose tolerance I don know, and HUD what needs most, but fortunately for those who want one, know how to fix that download install YF 23, if s gauges correctly ll have in VC, mode click on cyclic button arrow pointing up
TWC_Voodoorating: 8
March 24, 2005
It s like I want to love it...the glass cockpit, touchy roll due short wingspan...very responsive, but the instruments are a pain in rear regarding auto pilot. teh buttons aren t user friendly at all. had memorize keyboard commands for alt lock ,etc fly it correctly.....could easily be 10
shoebyterating: 8
November 27, 2004
Most definately one of my favorite add ons. Thanks for a great plane, it is joy to fly. It could use hud, and if had would be 9. I badly want give this plane 10, but am forcing myself objective. Overall IMHO, flight model 2d cockpit 9, 3d 8, exterior funfactor 10 know nothing how design AC FS, have downloaded probably close 100 AC, won t do without. raise beer mug you, thanks
foureyesrating: 10
November 24, 2004
this aircraft is superb,it climbs like a rocket, and the deceleration rate using flaps,and speedbrake amazing, its someone let out drag chute while view from 2D cockpit isn t great,the detail performance make up for it. Simply put, it s awesome
petebek71rating: 1
October 28, 2004
Once I had installed this on fs2004, went to fly and took one look at the cockpit didn t bother. ditched straight away. A turbo prop with no sound, glass panel is very average. As have pc 12 was hoping that 21 would be same quality. Not be.
bab57330rating: 9
October 9, 2004
very nice , but not for novices
sparkmanrating: 5
October 8, 2004
I read the rating other person gave this plane and downloaded it, is neat on outside, pits are pitts........needs turbo sound too, won t mess with that, yet it looks good, good in out,l but there so many out that s gone from my squadron. .................... . Sparkman
falcon409rating: 10
October 6, 2004
PRO s I ve been flying this airplane since saw it available for FS2002. Of all the airplanes fly mostly military and fast GA aircraft have no use jumbo is one keep going back to. Highly responsive, sleek clean lines, nice glass cockpit power to spare. Average speeds in 300kias range but subtle enough land with room spare on a 3000 ft grass rwy. Whether you re inclined low level through mountains something gotta try or skim above em , plane that has your name it. CON With due respect Tim great job, only drawback, visually, might be VC not as crisp lot of ones see now current aircraft. Even though workable because still gives me head turning what around situational awareness makes fun. Well Done