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FS2002 FS2004 AVRO Vulcan B. Mk2 B. Mk2A The origin of the Avro Vulcan can be traced back to the response of Roy Chadwick, AVROs Chief Designer, to the receipt of Specification B35 46. This was the RAFs requirement for a four jet nuclear bomber and was initiated due to what became known as the Cold War. The Vulcan B. Mk2 entered service with the RAF in the 1960s and had a number of refinements over the B. Mk1, notably Series 201 Olympus engines producing an added 5, 000 lb st, along with an extended tail containing electronic countermeasures. This was the machine which would carry the Blue Steel nuclear missile. During the Cold War years, the Vulcan was allocated the role of a high level, stand-off attack bomber and was painted in pure white to reflect nuclear flash. From the 1960s onward,
Show more... as Soviet air defences improved, the attack profile was changed to low-level penetration and the more familiar camouflage markings were adopted. 3 models and 4 paint examples are included in this file. (B. Mk2 white paint with Blue Steel nuclear missile B. Mk2A overall dark camouflage and sand camoufage paint without option B. Mk2A bright camouflage paint with AGM-45 missile) by Kazunori Ito. Show less...

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Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 AVRO Vulcan B.Mk2 B.Mk2A origin Avro be. Rating: 8.31 of 10 over a total of 16 reviews.

arthurpounder1-googlerating: 5
March 22, 2012
Might also be worth noting that the Vulcan completed longest bombing run 16,000 miles during April 1982. Although this included 16 Victor K.MK2s
mrawesome445rating: 8
September 9, 2010
knightone123rating: 6
January 27, 2006
ok but not that good needs sound of a 737, also cockpit is 737. shame,
mark41rating: 7
October 13, 2005
a very good model, but requires an upgrade to sounds. I use VC 10 sounds for suitable scream, the sort remember in airshows 15 or so years ago.
PhilFrating: 10
April 9, 2005
Jack744rating: 8
March 25, 2005
slows the frame rate down which makes flying poor and a waste of time however when is ok this an outstanding aircraft must for any flight simulator very good download.
Varkflyerrating: 10
January 13, 2005
Simply awesome
Dave26rating: 7
December 10, 2004
Good, but what happened to the airbrakes on lower surface of each wing
bayleafrating: 10
October 18, 2004
muppet2004rating: 9
October 17, 2004
fireengineerrating: 9
October 12, 2004
alfralekrating: 7
September 28, 2004
Excellent freeware model. Only concerns I have is the cockpit canopy a bit to big and camo colours are way off. Camo should be either dark grey or med sea green, not brown.
nofrograting: 9
September 28, 2004
What a corker Very nice and to be honest as freeware piece it takes some beating I was impressed by the overall detail of this aircraft. Flies like dream general handling is excellent. Okay, default sound pants but not hard find suitable file. Well worth having.
fdhsrating: 9
September 22, 2004
Brilliant aircraft, I wish it had VC,though. changed the sounds from default 737 to a Vulcan sound pack and found better panel, It s AWESOME
AlexKrohnrating: 10
September 21, 2004
best bomer i have ever flown.
tannymanrating: 9
September 20, 2004
Excellent Loved the airplanes. Only reason for a 9 was panel. A little hard to see. But that takes very away. Complete package If you like Vulcan bomber, definatley will find this worth download