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FS2002 FS2004 Soko Galeb-2 v1. 1 Package. The Soko G2-A Galeb (seagull) is Yugoslav made two-seat advanced trainer powered by the famous Rolls Royce Viper Mk22-6 engine. Installer for both FS2002 and ACOF just point at Your Flight Sims root folder and execute installer will use the correct version of files. Features full animated moving parts all control surfaces, canopy, gears, live pilots, ejection seats, crash effects, tailored sounds, cockpit sound effects, high detail dynamic 3D virtual cockpit with clickable instruments gauges and separate flight dynamics files for FS2002 and FS2004. Package includes different visual models with 9 real life paint schemes for Croatian, Serbian, Libyan and Yugoslav Air Forces, and civilian Acro and USAF markings. Texture templates included. Flight Dynamics, Panel and XML Gauges Instruments by Goran Savic, FSDS2 Model by Luka Midic. 12. 3MB

Filesize: 12.38 MB | Added on: Aug 14, 2004 | Downloads: 2464

Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 Soko Galeb-2 v1.1 Package. Rating: 8.65 of 10 over a total of 17 reviews.

887rating: 10
June 9, 2007
One of the best and most professional add on, fully free. Excellent.
konstrukterrating: 10
April 28, 2006
Great plane And music...Avione slomit cu ti krila , also radio I manage to rip off right wing and land on left front wheal only.
padobranacrating: 10
September 8, 2005
Agree, AWSOME I m from Serbia and we have one on our Cenej airfield. Never actually flew, but defenitly will Don t think just do it DOWNLOAD IT Thanks to editors. Cheers, Milan Tomin
Spartan_064rating: 8
January 3, 2005
This Plane is AWSOME everything ive been looking for. Bit slow in the air. thats why I gave it a 9. But its an old plane so i didnt exatcly expect mach 6 or anything.
firefighter27rating: 10
November 14, 2004
This is an incredible package. The installation file alone brilliant. No messing around dropping dragging files and the models textures are great.
stevef22rating: 9
September 26, 2004
Nice job Great plane to fly, easy install, just an all around good time Thanks.
russwatersrating: 10
September 20, 2004
Hands down, one of the greatest addons to FS9. Although a little slow, that s only very small part in comparison all its greatness. Don t be fooled, you definately want download this take baby from Nellis AFB Hanscom . Great graphics, fantastic sounds and realistic. think twice get this. Thanks creator
EricEsascorating: 7
September 11, 2004
Aside from the flight dynamics this is a very good plane. Eject effect unique and fun. I have changed thrust scalar in .cfg file to 1.75 added thousand max as well trying different .air file. A little better but still not scale on speed altitude. believe that because aircraft configured metric FS9 uses feet, nm mph all being sae measurements. If anybody can find way convert it will give try repost with new for download.
Jeppanrating: 9
September 6, 2004
fisherboyrating: 8
August 30, 2004
Great looking plane but do agree regarding the max. speed seems very slow at full throttle Handles great pretty good stuff worth a try
Andicleezrating: 10
August 29, 2004
10 for the ejection seat. i love capability, greatest effect have seen a fighter. also has lot of variations which is good. Lots switches too, don t know if they actually do anything though like weapons dont fire GREAT plane
gravytrainrating: 8
August 29, 2004
Nice aircraft, love the ejecting seats and pilot animation. 2 points for slow aircraft.
jesusmurphyrating: 9
August 20, 2004
1frenchyrating: 9
August 15, 2004
Of all the flight sim aircraft I ve aquired this SOKO GALEB is absolutely one of finest pieces work have downloaded to date. highly recomend it,and a pleasure fly
terrydwyerrating: 1
August 15, 2004
I haven t been able to get FS 2004 run ever since installing this aircraft
jodoe2rating: 10
August 14, 2004
I thought this airplane was awesome, but like the other guy said it a little slow. spent first 10 15 min. with just ejecting.
slayer9420rating: 9
August 14, 2004
Overall, I thought this package was good. did not see any crash effects like it says. the plane pretty slow for what is. Everything else great. The VC awesome One of best have seen. had a lot fun playing with ejection seat