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FS2002 2004 Aircraft. Ramp Tractor TG5000. This tractor is used at Euroairport (LFSB) to tow and pushback regionnal aircrafts (like CIMBERs Crj-200). Very detailled model. The vehicle has two tow bar avalaible with landing light and panel light keys. See read-me file for technical features. Virtual Cockpit is include and sound package. The airport map is personalizable for each user. Really usefull to discover your new airport. Dont hesitate to send me screenshoots from your ride !! If you have suggestions for far-flung evolution, conatact me via e-mails. By HAUGER Fredo.

Filesize: 4.55 MB | Added on: Aug 09, 2004 | Downloads: 9031

Users Reviews
FS2002 2004 Aircraft. Rating: 8.47 of 10 over a total of 45 reviews.

alod22rating: 7
June 2, 2009
plz tell me how you get yellow tow bar and can planes is simon.sturrock
Jerizzlerating: 2
February 11, 2008
kinda boring..all u can do is drive around with the tow bars and you cant attach to any airplanes. i guess its good for sight seeing airports but sooo slow didnt even bother
atyildizrating: 6
October 10, 2007
Motobolarating: 9
August 5, 2007
great add on, but how do u pushback the aeroplane if know can tell me to it please mattmattmatt96
georgessbbrating: 8
June 9, 2007
I luv tis add on, ut i can t figue ot how to attach it the aircraft. Other than that s great
589rating: 8
March 11, 2007
Great add on. is it possible to attach planes and tow them if so email me sammy p 10
Gamefreak2005rating: 10
November 27, 2006
Besides the minor fact that you can t tow a plane it s very good. And thankfully doesn fly Just remembered move unzipped aircraft file to My Computer, C , Program Files, Microsoft Games, Flight Simulator 9, and then Aircraft.
minkius115rating: 6
November 25, 2006
a 6 becasue i cant figure out how to pushback the clane and get bar atached, please e mail me if you know at andyprzybysz thankyou
cubicherating: 8
November 24, 2006
It is great but how do you tow the plane can someone plese tell me my e mail fwballer
tylercoatesrating: 9
September 11, 2006
at 145 knots, why does it fly ,but is fun
Marky_brating: 8
August 7, 2006
its good but how do i attach the bar to aircraft please email me at Mark beauchamp1312
RSWrating: 9
June 24, 2006
Great Add On but I don t know how to connect the Ramp Pull Aircraft PLEASE e mail me at brfair thx
harrison_222rating: 9
May 23, 2006
great add on but how do u atach the tug to plane for push backs e mail me plz sam harrison 222
Sbloodyrating: 9
May 20, 2006
ITS SOOO COOL But HOw Do You Attach the Tower to plane Email me at s viperdude y Ways Its AWSOME
thomasboothbyrating: 10
May 16, 2006
it looks great but how do you attatch the truck to aircraft please e mail me at divertom thanks
BennyRrating: 8
April 29, 2006
Cool car but I can t attach it to a plane please email me at h.g.ben
rileykrating: 8
April 15, 2006
how do u atach the airplane other than shift L
sebas707rating: 8
February 20, 2006
Where s the aircraft , and i think im having trouble too, like others, how do you tow a airplane I already tried Shift L, it doesnt work.But is good add on.
Theclubalotrating: 7
February 6, 2006
my rating would be higher but how do u attach a craft to this plz help me adamgleed also there is no actual panel
Weenie_Beenierating: 9
January 29, 2006
Good Fun. Only problem is I don t know how to attach aircraft it. Can you e mail the instructions on at danmerritt Cheers
jsh08rating: 7
January 26, 2006
hey i like the pics but only problem is that when installed it to fs 2004 could not find tug under manufactuer name if any1 can help plz email me NOTE my messed up and cannot send emails recieve thanx
csarating: 10
January 26, 2006
how do u attach the push bar to plane calum
atkierating: 9
January 14, 2006
how do you attach to a plane email me crig
djflowrating: 7
November 27, 2005
Having trouble attaching like everyone else
salladsborating: 9
November 4, 2005
I took the Push Tug and escaped airport, drived along highways landscapes. One idea is to turn off realism before you run away from your duty otherwise, if hits a bump or sudden change of lean on road, FS will register it as crash, have start all over again. The engine suffering some lack power driving uphill, but was originally designed push back aircrafts belive, hm...But lot fun with this vehicle, exploring airports what ever comes my mind. overall great unusual. Thumbs up
dorv45rating: 10
October 2, 2005
some one tell me how to put the plane on tow bar jgeorgeson221 thanks
Captain_Nasarating: 10
September 21, 2005
Hi i cant attach this Truck to the plane it seems a very intresting idea, can any1 tell me plz mail bac on n4 sir thx
soldier391234rating: 9
August 23, 2005
Which file am i suppose to put the stuff in PLZ email me back at wolfgrt
Eisvogelrating: 10
April 3, 2005
sehr gut gemacht
aircraftrating: 7
December 30, 2004
thaitosrating: 7
November 27, 2004
How you use this tractor is very hard.
Mombasa1rating: 10
November 23, 2004
This is an awesome vehicle You really get a unique view of all the FS airports from down on tarmac with tractor thingamajigy. Everything works great, except I along some other people who made comments would like to know how attach plane push bar Other than that, this add and well worth it P.S. Send me private message or e mail at samuelgerard use bar. Thanks
dhamoudirating: 10
November 5, 2004
This is really cool car. But please tell me how to attach the planes it Thanx a lot. dhamoudi
jeremy_qvsrating: 8
September 19, 2004
redcaprating: 10
September 12, 2004
good stuff....very idea...great work keep going on
keywhitt2rating: 10
September 2, 2004
benson2024rating: 10
August 29, 2004
I am downloading this file now, looks really good, and from the comments i read, have alot to look forward to.
Teddy_7rating: 4
August 25, 2004
It looks well, does a good job but what is it supposed to be FUN barely entertaining, I hope for some improvements...
Amazing_Aviator_Pilotrating: 10
August 24, 2004
Where do you put the file
up-chuckrating: 9
August 24, 2004
how do i attach the bar to tow plane e mail me rk80s
frecklesrating: 10
August 21, 2004
moscowpoorating: 9
August 15, 2004
it is a good modle. just some errors. I fixed and also made head lights tail for it, i will have the .cfg avalible download soon
Andicleezrating: 9
August 13, 2004
I downloaded this to FS 2002. It looks good, and also drives good. The only complaint have is that when the wheels controlled by rudder are turned all way left or right, vehicle stops. don t know if how it supposed be not, but doubt it. That a minor problem, mainly could not attach towbar any dynamic scenery planes, can do drive around while pulling towbar. Again, actually connect according pictures LOOKS like attached. If anyone knows plane, please message me.
pilot667rating: 9
August 9, 2004
SARescue31rating: 10
August 9, 2004
This is really cool It looks good and drives good. Far as i can tell all the cotrols work like they should. truely a fun vehicle to drive around check things out from different point of view.. Very nice Keep up If you don t have this get it better than most vehicles ve downloaded