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FS2002 Malaysian Airline System Boeing 737-4H4. 9M MFQ. Fuselage and engines are made with a 32 side section which gives them a real round shape. Engines have 3D air intake and animated fan blades. 3D Illuminated tail logo, landing light "splash" on fuselage and illuminated passengers cabin windows. Wings design highly detailed and you can see them from inside the airplane too. 3D textured flaps move as in real life, in fact they rotate and slide backwards, including moving flap hinge fairings. Moving outboard and inboard textured slats, 3D moving textured ailerons, moving textured spoilers, 3D moving elevators, 3D moving textured rudder, 3D moving landing gear, also textured, turning nosewheel and full moving gear doors. Smoke system for contrail effect.

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