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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Antonov An-14 Little Bee USSR Air Force Author: Anton Nikolaev. Soviet built liason and passenger Short Take Off Landing (STOL) aircraft. A perfect aircraft for bush flying. You can take off and land Little Bee even across the runway! FS2004 model includes highly detailed external model and virtual cockpit, both utilizing advanced animations. This is complete aircraft pack, including model, instruments gauges and sound.

Filesize: 8.88 MB | Added on: Jul 22, 2004 | Downloads: 2929

Users Reviews
Antonov An-14 Bee USSR Air Force Author Anton Nikolaev. Rating: 7.09 of 10 over a total of 11 reviews.

FlyingPorkerrating: 8
March 4, 2006
Good model, great fun to fly. My first flight she took off on one engine only Great for taking from and landing places you wouldn t dare land any other plane.
helicoptero-412rating: 7
December 27, 2005
buena aeronave
gibbo48rating: 9
June 21, 2005
Excellant aircraft, easy to fly.
alejandro8610rating: 5
January 14, 2005
philliprgrating: 5
November 12, 2004
Seen much better. For the size of download, it should be a lot Real sluggish handling. Didn t like it.
Flying_Dutchrating: 10
August 13, 2004
Very good plane, flies and looks well. A pleasure to fly around. Full flap approach, eat your lunch while going in, it s almost walkingspeed. Just great In my opinion even a 10 isn t enough for thisone Great Job Xomer
ncbaseballrating: 4
July 28, 2004
When I fly it, it keeps freezing.
Pedro-Mouloudrating: 2
July 25, 2004
At each starting of this damned Antonov my computer crash. Try and try again Each time the same result, so I have found solution an AAM BOOM In trash can. Bye bye bloody AN14
pd2004rating: 10
July 24, 2004
gravytrainrating: 9
July 23, 2004
This aircraft is very well done There no panel but the VC acts as one since every button can be pressed with mouse pointer. Every works and dones an action I gave it a 9 instead of 10 luggage just appears out where.
pizzapilotrating: 9
July 23, 2004
This airplane is amazing. There no panel but VC all we need anyways. 0.31 ZOOM. Great bush plane....can land at 25 kias and on a 7 foot runway.