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Hi! In Hungary, there are 22 (mostly ex-military, and abandoned) concrete runways. We are planning to create these, as freeware sceneries, one-by-one. This is Szentkirlyszabadja Vitorls AFB, located north of the lake Balaton. It is the base of the Hungarian 87. Bakony Attack Helicopter Regiment, equipped with Mi-24 and Mi-8. Tower: 127. 0 Navaids: Rwy Inner Outer 16 S 456kHz 34 V 451kHz VS 362kHz Website: http: web. axelero. hu varhegyiw You can contact us by e-mail: optikart_at_axelero. hu tamas. varhegyi_at_axelero. hu Pter Borovszky Tams Vrhegyi

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