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FS2004 Aircraft Messerschmitt Me 108 B-1 Taifun The Messerschmitt Me 108 (or Bf 108) Taifun was a single-engined sports and touring aircraft built by Bayerische Flugzeugwerke FROM 1934 on. It was Willy Messerschmitts first all-metal airplane with retractable gear and some other to this time very modern supplies. This aircraft is part of the historical fleet of the german Lufthansa. It was build in 1940 and is shown on airshows around Europe. The model has animated parts and a fully funcional virtual cockpit. Copyright 2004 by Guenter Kraemer

Filesize: 4.50 MB | Added on: Jul 09, 2004 | Downloads: 2487

Users Reviews
FS2004 Aircraft Messerschmitt 108 B-1 Taifun Bf a. Rating: 8.79 of 10 over a total of 14 reviews.

DHAlbatrossrating: 9
March 11, 2013
This is an absolute beauty. Great for cross country flights.
verremerating: 9
June 11, 2006
Excellent download. It has the obvious limitations of only 4 something MB, but, apart from it, plane is awesome. Virtual cockpit much better than I expected, textures are terrific and flies very well. Well done
simpilot_109rating: 9
April 6, 2006
Superb flight model. Excellent sound. Great slip characteristics. Wonderfull virtual cockpit. It is hard to spin. However, that could be true life considering Messerschmitt s sometimes quirky handling of his designs. A great add on and one my favorites.
Wingwheelerrating: 9
July 15, 2005
When I ran this, the engine sound grabbed me. It ticks along so authentically. The plane flies beautifully. Gear comes up slowly that s good Flaps have an interesting sound. a floater on landing stay rudders . Graphics are beautiful. shut down sounds great, but start inertial starter followed by beginnings of some radial prior to real shot 10. other than that, I,m keeping this one.
pdjrating: 8
February 12, 2005
Can easily be flown entirely in the VC cockpit.
smoczek2004rating: 10
December 25, 2004
1frenchyrating: 8
July 27, 2004
Great detail, and a real blast to fly
hunhunterrating: 9
July 26, 2004
Very, very good Nice attention to detail, from the slow cycling hand pumped undercarriage, pitot tube cover that appears on shut down I flew in one of these some years ago, brings back memories.
Hootstarating: 9
July 26, 2004
Damn fine plane the details on fuselage, control surfaces and of course that stunning panel VC are top draw. Only thing bugs me is something about engine sounds like there s a bit loose somewhere keeps rattling every 4 seconds... maybe it just me. Great plane, download away
Pedro-Mouloudrating: 8
July 14, 2004
Very nice model with good handlings caracteristics and a realistic flying model.
dmmrating: 8
July 13, 2004
Detail Excellent Install self installer. I prefer manual method. Handling Very good to fly but is temperamental in a crosswind. Overall 8 10
Richter35rating: 9
July 12, 2004
Turbulence7700rating: 10
July 9, 2004
Awesome aircraft in every aspect. Looks good, feels though it s a bit temperamental during crosswinds. Excellent panel and VC, as well the paint scheme. Loads quickly painlessly, something I very much appreciate. Truly excellent
pizzapilotrating: 8
July 9, 2004
Virtual Cockpits are a must in all planes now days. VC Zoomed the way out is only to fly land. 0.31 zoom 0.25 . But I feel not quite centered this VC, like am crooked or something weird.