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-iFDG Airbus A321 iFDG is proud to present the Airbus A321. The aircraft model includes most of the standard features including animated control surfaces, wingviews, flaps, full lighting configuration, and highly detailed, reflective textures. Model : Albaro Villegas and Ric Barker Flight Dynamics : Eugene Schneider Master textures : Ben Jones Testing : The iFDG Beta Team Translation : Egypt Air Livery: Reiner Konrad

Filesize: 6.45 MB | Added on: Jul 03, 2004 | Downloads: 1294

Users Reviews
-iFDG Airbus A321 iFDG proud present A321. Rating: 9.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

gonzalezrating: 9
January 7, 2006
good airplane, but one question, how do you make the strobe lights and beacon to work
padr1992rating: 10
October 8, 2005
Good Airplane, recomended airbus.
pilotarrating: 10
June 20, 2005
very good