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Ifdg airbus a320 alaska disney repaint by andres aguilar glass. Model by Albaro Villegas and Ric Barker. Master Textures by Ben Jones. Flight Dynamics by Pedro Oliveira. Textures by Rogier van der Velde.

Filesize: 4.43 MB | Added on: May 05, 2004 | Downloads: 820

Users Reviews
ifdg airbus a320 alaska disney repaint andres aguilar. Rating: 9.50 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

motleycruerating: 10
January 29, 2007
fly s good, excellent paint job one of the best have seen.
Billyinatreerating: 9
March 26, 2006
this is great, i flew it from Alaska to Seattle, flies amazing.
Sandpiper-N121PPrating: 10
January 2, 2005
Excellent Paint Job Lots of detail and very fun to fly as well A must have for your hanger
paiaiauguipazorating: 9
May 29, 2004