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Fs2004 Aermacchi Mb339 Pan Century V 3. 0. Military Italian Aerobatics Team Aircraft By Paolo Zamparo The State Of The Art ! Airfile Tuned With The Help Of Mb339a Pilots White Red And Green Smoke For Airshow Wing Vortex Exhaust Smoke Fire !!! Panel-airmodel-gauge s: By Paolo Zamparo Aircraft Designer: Massimo Taccoli Radar: By Eric Marciano & Jorge Salas Sounds: Aaron Swindle Skysong Soundworks Revised And Assembled By Paolo Zamparo

Filesize: 16.55 MB | Added on: Apr 21, 2004 | Downloads: 4212

Users Reviews
FS2004 Aermacchi Mb339 Pan Century V 3.0. Rating: 8.44 of 10 over a total of 16 reviews.

Phreothorating: 10
February 21, 2006
very well done cockpit
Luke771rating: 8
November 10, 2005
To the one who wrote last comment What is difficult to install It s just like all other add on planes. Good plane really, very fun fly... but I still need a whole lot of training before can join Frecce... There are couple minor bugs in 2D panel, and couldn t fix it myself hope someone else posts solutione somewhere find . As an Italian, born raised Italy, must say m glad that people from over world Italian stuff, knew about cars prefer German as days regular cars, no dream car better than Ferrari, am right or what now learning italian airplanes too. And course Frecce best aerobatic teams wide world, maybe one.
PhilFrating: 10
May 11, 2005
It is far too complicated to install so I haven t installed it but gave a 10 because probably superb plane fly and for file size that big, s sure be good
Mathijs999rating: 10
February 6, 2005
Great work, and a clear manual.
insciusrating: 9
January 8, 2005
When I started the engine i felt respect for machine. Flying with this sim is superb experience. Probably State of art in non official models Others should learn form Paolo and his friends. Really. Grazie Peccato avere una tua mail..
Flightkillerrating: 2
January 3, 2005
I cant get this plane to work. it doesnt load when i want fly with it. the instructions for installing dont help me a bit. Im sure is good but wont work on my computer. There warning that says creation failed check if sound file available . have clue what makes go off. press ok game just freezes. anyone who has about please add comment in order tell how install without getting warning.
marc9096rating: 9
December 7, 2004
WAR-Beerating: 10
December 2, 2004
dg885rating: 10
September 18, 2004
One of the most realistic small military aircraft I have had privelage to download, installing her was no problem and well worth it. do not any friends that own FS 04, but if did would recomend this plane as A MUST HAVE , looking forward what yourself your team come up with next
Rhythmosaurrating: 8
September 10, 2004
Rhythmosaur tested and approved. See the Review in Reviews section. Rated 8 10.
ineedyousorating: 10
July 22, 2004
sfrancorating: 8
June 16, 2004
This plane is really good. It s capable to execute some of the monouvers solo with same speed parameters. Just a problem smoke, it seems doesn t works.
adrianbrating: 10
April 28, 2004
macchi205rating: 10
April 25, 2004
I m Italian and The P.A.N. is the best
sanxavierrating: 10
April 24, 2004
One of the best addons This should be payware, but it isn t. Also go to developers website get military base planes fly out of. Superb panel, sounds, everything. I have not flown anything cessnas in real life, this seems real.
Broonrating: 1
April 24, 2004
Far to complicated install with the current instructions, im sure its a good plane file that size though.