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Fs2004 Cricket-e Ultralight This Ultralight Is My First Real Project On Fsds V2. 24. Its Based On Various Ultralights Out There, Though Is Not Representing Any Particular One. Designed To Provide Excellent Visibility And Slow, Easy, Flying. Features All The Usual Animations, As Well As Some Custom Gauges. By Ben Wertsch

Filesize: 2.44 MB | Added on: Apr 07, 2004 | Downloads: 3887

Users Reviews
FS2004 Cricket-e Ultralight Real Project Fsds V2.24. Rating: 7.00 of 10 over a total of 10 reviews.

Danu_666_Danurating: 5
December 23, 2005
Yeah this is a pretty awsome plane and all, i had abitta trouble with keeping the motor going after figerd out how to keep it woudnt move even on full throttle refused move...
wow_ss2003rating: 9
February 21, 2005
I like this Ultralight yeah it a little on the un detailed side but s fun to putt around countryside in. as long you use hard runways and not grass ones. Would love see Kolb Firefly add ons.
thechosen1rating: 3
August 16, 2004
it looks good, but even at full power wouldnt go anywhere,
eblundellrating: 10
August 14, 2004
i agree with asswipo1 shut the fuck up gravytrain
theBlackbirdrating: 9
August 5, 2004
Nice job, fun to fly. Wont take off on some runways. like Tonasket, Wa. mun.
asswipo1rating: 10
August 1, 2004
hey gravvytrain y dont you make an aircraft jerk off stop complaning u fucktard
gravytrainrating: 3
July 19, 2004
If your the type of person that likes realistic looking aircrafts this is not for YOU. The pilot looks very undetailed...not to mention he stiff as a board, no animation.
brutikisrating: 1
June 13, 2004
redchilerating: 10
May 5, 2004
let s face it ..there aren t any ultralights to download even though there are thousands flying...remember, no license or physical required fly this plane so lot of interest and a great help the ultralight group have an sim..and generic is very much like popular quicksilver mxl which more were built then other...and seems right i haven flown yet...had trouble keeping engine running but author suggested fix that worked...just increase throttle bit...actual rotax engines idle at 2000rpm...
Greentearating: 10
May 5, 2004
very easy and fun to fly