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  LPTJ Tojeira ULM airfield Airfield  
LPTJ Tojeira ULM airfield Tojeira ULM Airfield image 5

LPTJ is a fake I create once this is a non certified airfield This scenery is fully compatible with Portugal Terrain from PTSIM (http. and is based on digital pictures, accurate real measures by Aerodromos de Portugal (http. ...

Downloads: 1216 | 7.69 MB
  EZ-GA Hangers SS V2 FS9 scenery  
EZ-GA Hangers SS V2 FS9 scenery image 1

Objects by Sidney Schwartz A collection of general aviation hanger scenery objects for FS9. V2 adds animated hanger doors. Scenery that you created with V1 should not be affected by installing V2. Using the Animated Doors The ...

Downloads: 1524 | 20.71 MB
  FS2002 2004 Cancun Intl land Vehicles Scenery (1) 
FS2002/2004 Cancun Intl land Vehicles Scenery image 1

First off at all, I give thanks you for downloading my scenery. Ive tested to create it as expert as possible. This scenery adds approximately motionless vehicles to Cancun Intl, Mexico. You testament undergo about nutrient trucks, pushback tugs, and so on. ...

Downloads: 2277 | 644.39 Kb
  LRCI Clinceni Aerodrome FS2004  
LRCI Clinceni Aerodrome FS2004 image 1

Home of the romanian aero club, scenery includes several static ariplanes, including GA-8 Antonov AN-14 and Yakovlev Yak-52TW Aerobatic Yakers.

Downloads: 1788 | 556.97 Kb
  Panama City MPTO  
Panama City Panama MPTO image 2

Added new concourse extended from main terminal. I just found Jepessen chart that help more detailed for gate numbers and taxiways changed. I edited and more detailed. The default was offset terminal error. I moved the default terminal corrected. Control Tower was ...

Downloads: 1735 | 5.67 MB
  FS2004 Nagykanizsa Airport VFR Scenery LHNK Hungary  
FS2004 Nagykanizsa Airport VFR Scenery LHNK image 1

Includes Nagykanizsa airport detailed AFCAD and 104 km2 photo area. Full autogen, vegetation, and settlement construction. The scenery does not contain specific objects. By Szabo Tamas.

Downloads: 1406 | 19.59 MB
  HAL FLOAT BASE MALTA version 1.0  
HAL FLOAT BASE MALTA version 1.0 image 1

By Stew Stewart (Robert J. Stewart, Jr.) ((You MUST have Aerosoft s Islands of Malta installed and working!!!)) ((The next few sections are background, limitations, quirks, and history. If you wish, go right to INSTALLATION which I plan to keep more sterile and ...

Downloads: 1381 | 9.86 MB
  Panama City Florida KECP (1) 
Panama City Florida KECP image 2

Final patch. When I asked emailed to Google Earth to please upload picture of that area. A few weeks later, Google Earth uploaded new photo image of KECP. I was thrilled to see it. I found many were missing. I edited and changed all corrected scenery in full ...

Downloads: 1391 | 2.69 MB

KCVG Greater Cincinnati Airport for classic flyers in FS2004. This version from about 1963 features custom models of the terminal, Barclay House hotel, parking lots, and cargo facility. Period appropriate AFCAD with old runways and taxiways included. EZ scenery, ...

Downloads: 1198 | 1.47 MB
  FSX Bloemfontein VFR V2.0  
FSX Bloemfontein VFR V2.0 image 1

Scenery Author Frits Beyer, Neile Steenkamp Support Description This is Bloemfontein city.It is freeware and made from custom designed buildings, most of them. Some of the building have hard tops , so you can land on them.This is just the ...

Downloads: 1149 | 24.93 MB

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