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  FS2004 Alphasim Westland Merlin fictional Portugal Air (3) 
FS2004 Alphasim Westland Merlin fictional image 1
Textures Only

Force Textures. Model by by Enrico Bonazza and retouch by Pablo Diaz You need the new Alphasim Merlin payware bundle for this to work.

Downloads: 5188 | 6.79 MB
  FS2004 Eurocopter EC135T2 Carilion Life Guard (4) 
FS2004 Eurocopter EC135T2 Carilion Life Guard image 5
Complete Aircraft with VC

This bundle includes external textures, Virtual Cockpit cockpit textures. This EC 135 model features Virtual Cockpit cockpit, opening doors, animated pilots and light. This file is self sufficient. Sound and panel and instruments gauges included. This is a full ...

Downloads: 7069 | 34.46 MB
  FS2004 Cicare CH-7 Angel (3) 
FS2004 Cicare CH-7 Angel image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Updated version. Single seat kit helicopter. By Lasse Lindh.

Downloads: 4875 | 4.35 MB
  NYPD Aviation Division Package Two splash screens with  
NYPD Aviation Division Package Two splash image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

NYPD Aviation Division logos, an NYPD Bell 602b by Adrian Cholmondeley (, and a saved flight with the NYPD Bell at Floyd Bennett Field. Comments Welcomed.....Mike Hoffman, NYPD Retired (

Downloads: 2299 | 5.20 MB
  Flight Simulator 2004 Eurocopter Dauphin fast model (17) 
Flight Simulator 2004 Eurocopter Dauphin fast image 2
Complete Aircraft

Over 240 Knts top speed. First helicopter in Flight Simulator 2004 reaching over 200 Knts cruise speed. Water landable. Model and Texture by Antti Pankkonen Panel based on one by Horst Paetzold Panel modifications by Alejandro Villa Flight dinamics based on a ...

Downloads: 9470 | 4.31 MB
Complete Aircraft

The RAF operates the Sea King in the Search and Rescue (SAR) role, and the big yellow helicopters have become a familiar sight on television news programmes as they carry out rescue operations all around the United Kingdom. Background:includes ...

Downloads: 9555 | 11.52 MB
  FS2004 WESTLAND SEAKING AEW Upgrade ASaC - Airborne (1) 
FS2004 WESTLAND SEAKING AEW Upgrade ASaC - image 1
Complete Aircraft

Surveillance and Area Control (previously Airborne Early Warning) Sea King was rapidly brought into service post the Falklands conflict when it became clear that organic Airborne Early Warning was an essential part of air power at sea. background.includes ...

Downloads: 2791 | 8.08 MB
  FS2004 Sikorsky S76 Helijet Intl Bashir Ismail [ (2) 
FS2004 Sikorsky S76 Helijet International image 1
Complete Aircraft

Ismail [ ] Credits - Based on Source Files By Lasse Lindh Paint-Kit By Mal Lloyd Panel and Sound by Bashir Ismail Helijet flies Sikorsky S76 Helicopters between Vancouver, B.C. Canada and Seattle Washington State U.S.A. on schedule ...

Downloads: 3389 | 17.15 MB
  FS2004 Sikorsky SH3 A-D66 Upgrade Helicopter 66 easily one (3) 
FS2004 Sikorsky SH3 A-D66 Upgrade Helicopter image 1
Complete Aircraft

One of the most well known helicopters in history It is the prime recovery helicopter for five of the Apollo missions background.includes aircraft,sound and vc package.By Edwin Thurston and Willy Vervaecke

Downloads: 3981 | 14.08 MB
  a fictional repaint Aviateham1 search and rescue (6) 
fictional repaint Aviateham1 search image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Rescue helicopter Installation Simply extract the folder Aviateham1 search and rescue into your main Flight Simulator aircraft folder :- (program file microsoft games flight simulator 9 aircrafts) Repainted by Carl Conway

Downloads: 3791 | 22.38 MB