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Flight Simulator 2004 Eurocopter Dauphin fast model. Over 240 Knts top speed. First helicopter in Flight Simulator 2004 reaching over 200 Knts cruise speed. Water landable. Model and Texture by Antti Pankkonen Panel based on one by Horst Paetzold Panel modifications by Alejandro Villa Flight dinamics based on a helicopter by Eduardo Fadul modified and adapted by Alejandro Villa

Filesize: 4.31 MB | Added on: Mar 22, 2006 | Downloads: 9525

Users Reviews
FS2004 Eurocopter Dauphin fast model. Rating: 6.76 of 10 over a total of 17 reviews.

Terzi1985rating: 6
May 4, 2011
GegeinFrancerating: 9
April 27, 2010
Flies great, good textures, fast. With a virtual cockpit it would be perfect
Gamefreak2005rating: 1
November 21, 2006
Worst add on ever. It s way past shaky, really difficult to fly, and the visibilty me is cut off by there being no virtual cockpit. Revise it I might consider downloading again.
Rullisrating: 8
August 18, 2006
Very good model, too bad there s no virtual cockpit.
BSchilberzrating: 2
July 21, 2006
Worst Helicopter NO WAY to land it or steer left right.
ecgrurating: 8
July 1, 2006
flightpath510rating: 1
May 15, 2006
The aircraft is so while flying, shaky at anything over 130 knts also, the sound file hidiously anoying. after you have closed or switched it keeps playing
Texxascorating: 1
May 10, 2006
It truly sucked. I kept havign problems with sound and after an hour a half gave up deleted the whole mess. m not stranger to FS, it bothered me that could get run properly. Either got crappy file, or everyone else is very easily pleased.
theclubalotrating: 10
May 3, 2006
I Can Only Say One Word BRILLIANT This helicopter is the best one i have downloaded it simply PERFECT to fly Well Done
Montaverrating: 8
April 25, 2006
Beautiful craft that handles well with more moving parts exit and virtual cockpit it would be pretty much flawless
biggjoe_2rating: 9
April 3, 2006
excellent d l. I like the panel just fine. flies great and easy on frame rates as well. super job in my book. keep up work.
rajwrating: 9
April 2, 2006
Very nice to fly, looks great
viche12345rating: 10
March 31, 2006
I would recommend this chopper to anyone of any skill level. Great flight dynamics and panel. Way go
krazyjrating: 3
March 28, 2006
looks ok to bad its a very wrong panel.. and yes the amfm radio is neat feature but 3 from me it has have right
jaeger52rating: 10
March 23, 2006
There may be a lot wrong with this aircraft, but there s one heck of right it, too It moves like Corvette Stingray and handles dream in my opinion. The am fm cd player is favorite aspects. I d to know if it possible make the work. audio works great
jplamiralrating: 10
March 23, 2006
good idea this model was missing more technical comments after testing it later on
Airwebrating: 10
March 22, 2006
wowww very best flight and excellent performed helicopter congratulations