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  FSX BSG Cylon Raider Scar depicts standard Rider and  
FSX BSG Cylon Raider Scar file depicts image 1
Complete Aircraft

Cylon Rider and the battle damaged one called Scar Guns, effects and sounds included. Model and texture by Coxxon http: forums members coxxon.html FSX Model conversion and flight dynamics by Scar repaint by Alejandro ...

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  Thunderbird 1 FS2002  
Thunderbird 1 FS2002 image 1
Complete Aircraft

Version 2 now with enhanced flight dynamics enabling VTOL, animated belly rocket and variable geometry wings without altering the flight dynamics. This craft is from the popular 1960s Gerry Anderson Supermarionation television programme Thunderbirds. By Ken ...

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  put folder teapot aircraft and include a panel freeware  
image 1
Complete Aircraft

Put the folder teapot into your aircraft folder and you can use it. does not include a panel. This is freeware, DO NOT attempt to take credit for this. Please comment on this as it is my first time. any problams or you wish to repaint it or do something to it - ...

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  FS2004 StoneAir SA300 NeedleJet  
FS2004 StoneAir SA300 NeedleJet image 1
Complete Aircraft & Installer

Concept aircraft. By Mike Stone.

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  FS2002 FS2004 Klingon Scout Class StarShip Bird Prey (9) 
FS2002/FS2004 Klingon Scout Class StarShip Bird image 1
Complete Aircraft

Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.24. The Klingon Bird-of-Prey was a type of warship in service with the Klingon Defense Force during the latter half of the 23rd century. It was gained its name from the unusual bird-like shape of its wings and ...

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  Teapot Creator Hayden Foster Date5 31 05 Ver 1.0.0 Type  
Teapot Creator: Hayden Foster Date:5/31/05 Ver: image 1
Textures Only

Type: .bmp Company:MHF Software Inc.

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  FS2004 Myasishchev 3M-T Atlant atlas space transport (4) 
FS2004 Myasishchev 3M-T Atlant atlas space image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

System. In the mid 1970s the USA began the development of a re-usable space transport system that soon became universally known as the Space Shuttle. The Soviet Union responded by launching the development of a comparable system, known to generally as the BURAN ...

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  Type addonAircraft # s1-Teapot Ian Bertolacci productions  

Bertolacci Bertolacci productions This is my first [atempt] to make an aircraft. Its not pretty (not even to me) but I just made it for, learning perposes.

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  FS2004 StarWars Incom Engineering T-47 Snowspeeder (20) 
FS2004 StarWars Incom Engineering T-47 image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Lightweight Attack Airspeeder. Adapted from a common cargo towing airspeeder by the Rebel Alliance, who added cannons, armor, sensors, and power generators. Those based on Hoth had to be specially modified to operate in Hoths cold climate. This model has full ...

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  FS2004 Ilusive 3D aerobatics RC airplane (2) 
FS2004 Ilusive 3D aerobatics RC airplane image 1
Complete Aircraft

This is my first arplane for Flight sim. No textures yet. The Ilusive is based on a RC airplane designed for 3D aerobatics.

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