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FS2004 Myasishchev 3M-T Atlant (atlas) space transport system. In the mid 1970s the USA began the development of a re-usable space transport system that soon became universally known as the Space Shuttle. The Soviet Union responded by launching the development of a comparable system, known to generally as the BURAN (SnowStorm). To transport the components of the Buran Space orbiter and Energia ultra-heavy space launch vehicle modules to the Baikonur, Kazakhstan launch site, the Myasishchev OKB proposed using the 3M bomber as a carrier. Engineering changes to the three 3MN Bison-B tankers selected for conversion to transports included a 7 meter up-swept fuselage extension, twin end plate square vertical stabilizers, and strengthened out-rigger struts. Aircraft model by Brett Hoskins. Textures by Mike Mahat mikemahat_at_hotmail . com 3M Bison-B Panel by Jan Moravec moravec8_at_post. cz

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Users Reviews
FS2004 Myasishchev 3M-T Atlant atlas space transport. Rating: 8.25 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

dogman_danrating: 7
September 11, 2008
I give this a 7 just for all the cool cargo thing can carry. Its very difficult to do about anything with jet especially take off but it looks and sounds good though.
VAQUERS57rating: 9
July 1, 2006
aidcoprating: 7
June 11, 2006
Very nice detail, but you need a very long runway to get in the air.
invididualrating: 10
May 29, 2006
When will someone make the American NASA Version I would love to fly it.