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The Secret for True 3D on Your PC: An Introduction to Stereovision

Posted on Feb 04 2002 12:13:51 PM by webmaster (3432 views)
E-D Glasses & products from eDimensional Stereovision is actually the normal way almost everyone sees in the real world. We all have two eyes and perceive depth by a mental interpretation of the world we view through those two eyes. Each eye gives a slightly different perspective on the objects viewed and this slight difference provides depth cues to our brain. Objects which are relatively close will shift a larger distance horizontally when viewed from one eye and then switching eyes. Objects which are relatively far away shift a smaller amount...

The E-D software and drivers automatically convert the images on your monitor into a left and right perspective. Each image flickers back and forth so fast on your monitor that it is not noticeable to the human eye. Working synergistically with our advanced active glasses, the flickering of each image is precisely timed with flickering of the left and right lens of the 3D glasses, again faster than can be perceived. Thus, stereovision as it pertains to viewing a virtual world means that you have the capability to produce two separate images and that each eye sees only one of the two images. If this is done correctly, your mind will combine the two images in such a way that you actually have the perception of being "in" the virtual world rather than just viewing a picture of the virtual world. This adds a level of realism and immersion to games, web sites, and other images that is otherwise unattainable. In addition to perceiving depth "into" the monitor it is also possible to make objects appear to come "out of" the monitor. Almost all fairly recent computers and games come pre-equipped with the necessary tools for proper viewing.

Still not clear how it works? Visit their FAQ section or email and they will be happy to explain it further. They are extremely confident that you will be thoroughly amazed by what you see!