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Hard landing

Posted on Jul 27 2001 10:18:38 AM by webmaster (4096 views)
Humor and Jokes And how about the British Lightning that came by to arrange some details for a squadron rotation? He flew in at four PM, all our pilots were standing at the side of the runway, watching him come in. After four or five low and fast afterburner passes, impressing the hell out of all of us, it was time to land. After touchdown (200 mph) he popped the dragchute but it fell on the runway, packed in its holder.... OOPS Ok, so he started hitting the brakes, cause he sure didnt want to get stuck in the cable at the end. By the time he came by us the brakes were so hot the first tire exploded with a loud bang. Not three seconds later the second one went out...The aircraft started moving down the runway like it was piloted by a drunk.....The fire brigade started rolling after him (Hes still going about 100 mph) He shut the engine down as he approached the side of the runway. He got off the side into the soft Dutch mud and half of the aircraft digs into the dirt so deep that his right wing sat on the ground. Fuel started spilling overboard and the fire started as the fire brigade pulls up.....They parked right next to the aircraft (these guys are the real heroes!) and put out the fire with foam while dragging the pilot out of the cockpit.. After the formalities the pilot came to the squadron bar where we offer him an alcoholic beverage to overcome the shock. The squadron commander welcomes him with a speech that starts out with: Do you guys always land this way? How many aircraft are you going to bring?? As a remembrance we gave him a picture of his aircraft being hosed down by the fire brigade, using the exploded tire as a frame. I dont think this picture was displayed proudly in their squadron ready room!!