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Google Plus One button for SurClaro - Support us!

Posted on Sep 22 2011 09:34:43 AM by ceo (4692 views)
General stories We have added the new Google +1 button to all our pages, clicking on it will show your support to SurClaro and we highly appreciate it!

But, what is +1 button?

Recommend on Search, Share on Google+
+1 gets conversations going. Click the +1 button to give something your public stamp of approval. Then, if you want to share right away, add a comment and send it to the right circles on Google+.

The next time your friends and contacts search on Google, they could see your +1. You?ll help them find the best stuff on the web ? and you might just start up another conversation!

The right time, the right people
Share when it matters. +1 lets you share recommendations with friends, contacts and the rest of the web when your advice is most helpful ? on Google search. Or, if you want to start a conversation right now, it?s easy to pick the circles who?ll find it interesting and post to Google+.

Your collection of internet treasures
Each time you click +1, youre adding to the batch of cool, helpful, or just plain ridiculous things youve found across the web. Youll find your full list of +1s in a special tab on your public Google profile. You can show your +1s tab to the world or choose to hide it. Either way, its the place youll go to personally manage the ever-expanding record of things you love around the web.

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