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CR1 FSX Aeronca Champ Released

Posted on Oct 18 2010 10:58:09 AM by ceo (7124 views)
Add-ons developers news Cr1-Software is pleased to announce the release of their newest Fsx Native Add on. The Aeronca Champ.

With the release of the Beech 18 you came to us and you told us what you were looking for in a Fsx only Add on.
We listened and we applied your wishes and worked hard to come up with a better product to offer our new friends and community.

The new Fsx only Aeronca Champ is a full max rendition of the real thing. It will be delivered with the following model variants:

Tail Dragger.
Tail Dragger with wheel pants.
Tail dragger with tundra tires.
Tail Dragger Ski version.
Float version.
Tricycle version.
Tricycle Version with wheel pants.

The Models will also come in short tail versions and long tail version of all the above versions. Also it will come with 4 different interior colors so the user can mix and match models, liveries, and interiors to create a custom plane in the colors the user prefers.

The Aeronca is array With the following features:

Full animation suite
Full Dynamic "Clickable" Vc.
Opening Door.
Opening Window.
Opening Hood.
Mega detailed engine.
Fully animated pilot.
Realistic flight Models.
12 model configurations.
Excellent Aeronca sound pack.
Paint kit.
17 liveries.
Direct-x 10 compatible.
Fsx Acceleration or Sp2 only.
Customer Operation and Installation manual.

More information for The Aeronca is available here

We invite you to sit back and enjoy a pre-release video of the Aeronca as well as screen shots of the new Cr1-Software Aeronca.