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AEROSOFT Online is has released Cape Canaveral 2005

Posted on Jul 08 2005 02:31:41 PM by webmaster (11698 views)
AEROSOFT Online Aerosoft Online has just released Cape Canaveral 2005, Space Coast. Based on a highly modified photographic base (none of that bluish tint of other photo scenery) you will find a mix of autogen and specially designed buildings and objects. Additionally Aerosoft Online added a special version of the Piper Super Cub so in this package youll get all you need to explore this rather special region of the USA. A very cool amphibian aircraft and a scenery that is full of small waterways and HUGE runways (the one at KTTS is 15.000 feet long!) stand for many hours of exploration and fun. For just $21,63 or

Cape Canaveral is best known as the location where NASA launches its spacecraft but those who been there know it is also a very beautiful location where sea and land merge. So far there was no good coverage of this location Aerosoft and Thomas Hogstrom decided to set that right. Cape Canaveral 2005, Space Coast, is build on a photographic base and incorporates the objects included in FS2004 by Microsoft, supplemented with a large collection of objects, autogen scenery. The imagery used is meticulously colour corrected and matched to suit FS2004. To make it a complete product we also added a fine aircraft so you can explore the space coast. The Piper Super Cub in the amphibian version is perhaps the most versatile aircraft possible. Light and small enough to get into the smallest fields while the 160 Hp engine on this version is strong enough to get you up in some serious wind. Just dont get into IFR conditions (youll need the complete version of the Super Cub we also offer for that). The 57 page manual, that includes all charts for the three included airports and all checklists for the Super Cub plus a set of well documented start-up situations will get you up and flying in no time. Both the scenery and the aircraft are designed with framerates in mind and will give excellent results, even on less then stellar hardware.

There are three airports on Cape Canaveral, but only one of them is a normal airport, Merritt Island, a rather industrial small airport. The other two have massive runways, to handle the Space Shuttle and the other special aircraft used by NASA (for example the special B747 used to transport the Shuttle). KTTS, known under its old code X68 in FS2004 btw, for example has a 15.000 feet runway, wide enough to land on actually in a Standard Cub.