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World Extreme Landscapes - Now Shipping

Posted on Jun 24 2005 03:36:17 PM by webmaster (5961 views)
Abacus new and releases Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you fly far and wide - to places that most of us only dream about. What a great way to see the world.

Yesterday we started shipping World Extreme Landscapes, a new add-on that transforms your scenery into more magnificent views. Using MSFSs elevated mesh terrain technology, this add-on boosts the level of detail up to 128-fold. By replacing the default elevation data with super refined 76 meter (38 meter for some locations) information, youll experience some incredible views.

World Extreme Landscapes boosts the visual accuracy of Flight Simulator by adding millions of points to Flight Simulators elevation data. For this huge amount of information, World Extreme Landscapes is delivered on a set of 3 DVDs, yet has minimal effect on performance.

World Extreme Landscapes covers virtually the entire globe but you can install these areas independently of one another:

•North America
•Central and South America
•Australia and New Zealand

For your "flightseeing pleasure", youll fly our new Vans RV-6A aircraft, a slick two-seater with a top speed of 200 mph, a stall speed of under 50 mph that handles easily. Also includes a large set of pre-planned flights that takes you over some of the remarkable new Flight Simulator landscape.

World Extreme Landscapes available now. A complete installation requires a DVD drive and 13 GB of hard disk space. Suggested retail price is $29.95. For more information, please click here.