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Lago Maddog MD 80 Service pack

Posted on Mar 23 2005 03:27:36 PM by webmaster (19949 views)
The MADDOG MD 80 developers, in only few days from the date of the release, provided to fix few bugs, making possible to have this service pack, which improve the extraordinary realism that you can feel flying with the MADDOG MD 80.

All the known bugs have been addressed. The compatibility issues with SID/STAR procedure have been improved by the cleanup utility and by changes in the fms code. However there could still be some procedures that are not recognized correctly, in this case the file must be edited and changed accordingly to the guidelines of the published tutorial.

New features/mods:

airco temperature regulation in auto mode
- in manual, valves now move even if the packs are off

- correct visualization of xpdr display during tcas test

- more realistic engine parameters during engine starting

- when the TRP is in NO-MODE (invalid bleed air configuration), the A/T will no longer display CLMP but the engine EPR present prior to the nomode condition will be used as epr limit. Epr limit bugs and indication will be blank.
- Added packs auto shutoff in case of an engine failure during take off or landing, provided the corresponding switch is in auto (diff. press. < 1.3 psi )
- added current peak indication when airco packs are switched on

- APU EGT increments when airco packs are supplied by APU air.

- Added 5 second delay in APU start when the APU start switch is positioned to RUN o START position
- new effect on the rolling numbers in the mach indicator and tas/sat indicator.

- Added the possibility to show the armed altitude in the FMA with the altitude value in hundred of feet.

- All the static switch in the overhead can now be moved

- correct bitmap for the strobo and wing switch lever.

- added 3rd position in the nose light switch

- the boarding simulation now controls all the doors and sairways (except the forward stairway).

- In case of a stall condition with the slat mid extended the AUTO slat light will now illuminate

- EOAP single screen when the cockpit is battery powered.

- display of epr 1,n1 2,egt 2 e n2 2 e ff1 in the EDP when the cockpit is battery powered.

- The panel will now work correctly when a AC source (emer, ext, apu or gen) is selected and the battery switch is in the off position.

- added battery switch lock

- correct simulation of battery charge/discharge. When emer power is in use the battery will discharge in about half an hour. The emer power test now works correctly. The battery will charge only if the battery switch is in the ON position.

- Added a flight recorder in the overhead panel, with test

- added mech call horn
- added ADF2
- added noise produced by A/T servos