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Flight Simulator History website clebrates 25th Anniv. of FS

Posted on Dec 09 2004 10:32:22 PM by webmaster (5256 views)
General stories !!! News from the Flight Simulator History website !!!

!!! THE LEGEND has reached the age of 25 !!!

Many (younger) flightsimmers might not know, but the first version of our legendary Flight Simulator was released (by subLOGIC) ages ago, in October 1979. This means that our beloved program is now 25 years of age! BTW: subLOGIC was the firm of Bruce Artwick, the genius who created FS.

To mark this moment, I have finally started seriously upgrading my Flight Simulator History website. Some of the changes and additions:
the "Timeline" has been updated and altered to reflect the concept of "Generations" rather than versions, which makes it more logical. The central "Story" will be changed and adapted in the same way too within a couple of weeks. Sort of a preview is already available as a chapter from the "Good Flight Simmers Guide. Download "Chapter 1".

in cooperation with Marcus Thompson (Milehigh Productions), Hubert Bornand and your webmaster, Josef Havlik from The Czech Republic has created a first draft of a video about the development of Flight Simulator. The available movie shows the old versions from FS 1 for the Apple II (1979) to FS 5 for the IBM PC (1993) in the form of clips from actual flights with these versions with an emulator on a modern Pentium. The final version will contain clips from the later versions too. Download the FS History video (75 Mb).

also available is a poster-session created for the recent Dutch FS weekend in new Dutch Aviation Museum Aviodrome. The session covers all relevant versions of Flight Simulator from version 1 to the current version 9. Each poster shows a copy of the front of the box and a couple of screenshots of that version. Download the poster-session (13,5 Mb).

last but not least a companion website has been released onder the name of "The Old Flight Simulator Vault". This development is a response to requests by many flightsimmers who wanted to try the old versions hands-on. The Old FS Vault offers downloads of all the relevant versions form FS 1 for the Apple II (1979) to FS 5.0a (1994), including emulators in order to run the old version on a modern day Pentium PC. Emulators are needed for old PC versions too, as Win XP and MS-DOS programs dont go together very well.

As this is "work in progress" too, please be patient when "your" version is not yet available. If you happen to have a better combination of any FS version and a suitable emulator, please let me know! With instructions please.

Have fun,

Jos Grupping (FS Historian)

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